A/N: Hello again! I, your wonderful and not at all narcissistic leader, have returned from my holiday in London that none of you knew or probably cared about! So I do (for once...) have an actual excuse for not updating! Anyway, I stayed with my friend (who I shall call Crusty) so I have some funny stuff that happened to mention!

Date + Time: 7:20pm, Monday 23rd of May

Place: My chair (that until recently was in my room) that's super comfy!

Mood: Epic. (I just completed Super Smash Bros Brawl with Hair's help. For the last level, I had to fight more than 33 bosses...)

Book I just finished: The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan (Awesamosa ending to an awesamosa trilogy)

Book I'm reading: Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz

Challenge: watch?v=_6-KspZegsE Listen to this song! Crusty forced me to listen to it FOR A WHOLE HOUR.

Funny stuff from my holiday:

Crusty: *In bed, with only his head visible* You know Swordy, I'm completely naked under here.

Swordy: Uhh...

Crusty: *pulls bedsheets off, luckily he was fully clothed* MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Swordy: *Gasp* You ARE naked! Where's your hat? I can see all your... hair.

*When I got a lift to Crusty's house in his Mum's car. It was raining*

Crusty: Thanks for bringing the weather, Swordy.

Swordy: You said you wanted to experience Irish weather, so here's a taste of a genuine Irish summer!

A/N: Crusty does live in England, but don't worry about him not appearing in any other chapters! I talk to him on skype almost every Friday!