Date + Time: 9:00pm, 3rd May 2013

Exam Countdown: Only 25 days until my exams start...

Book I'm Reading: 'Dusk' by Kenneth Oppel

Funny stuff from school:

*When we were going to get photos taken*

Muddy: TAM... When are you going to shave?

Me: NO! Don't shave it off! If you style it Hitler-style I'll make a killing on Nazi merchandise! Or Stalin-style! People would eat it up! I just need some vodka... Muddy? How's your vodka stash looking?

TAM: ...I have such great friends.

Maths Teacher: So, if you use your phone in class, you could get in serious trouble!

Random Guy: Will the teacher be punished?

Maths Teacher: Yes! They may even lose their job!

Random Guy: *turns around* Everyone! Bring your phones into religion!

Me: Hey TAM? You know how when you're being arrested, they say they'll hold what you say against you? What would you say?

Muddy: *Runs in out of nowhere* BOOBIES!

Me: Muddy, you're not THAT much taller than me...

Muddy: I'm about a centimetre taller. Well, it's a pretty big centimetre. More like two centimetres, really. Maybe even three! Or four! Ten centimetres, even!

Me: ...I hate you.

*During English*

Me: Muddy? What the heck is that quote from?

Muddy: A movie I saw last night.

Random Guy: What was it called?

Muddy: Last Night.

Random Guy: Not when you saw it, what was it called?

Muddy: Last Night.

Random Guy: No, what was it called?

Me: This is going to go on forever...

A/N: Ok, I have a confession to make. Random Guy is just one person... I just couldn't think of a name for him...