25th Sept 2011


Deepen sorrow, deepen pain

With every step my soul will gain

Knowledge new, and wisdom taught

All in battles to be fought


Not in ease, and not in rest

Learn I most of what is blest

But in hope and quiet prayer

Finding grace and peace to share


Every day and every hour

God giveth to me secret power

Power in faith that I might grow

Into a soul I do not know


But though distorted once, and vain

My character grows new again

For stony roads and bitter toil

Ploughs my heart to richer soil


Once a twig upon the ground

That the He'venly Gardener found

Dry and brittle, cracked with heat

And trampled on by many feet


He found a vale, shadowed well

And there decided it should dwell

The twig was buried in His heart

In shelter from the world, apart


And from His wounded hands and side

Came life, in wondrous flowing tide

I drank, and drinking knew my loss

Was borne by Him upon His cross


I drank, and mercy, kind and sweet

Gave to me new life, complete

No longer barren, I am free

To grow- as He intended me.