The Faeries' Table

Twas a beautiful night that they sent us to dine,

The faeries of old, their cruel hearts entwined,

They sent out their magicks, and with great calm of mind,

Intrapped us with a wonder no stubbornness could deny.

We walked to the table, laden with cakes and pies,

Were handed gold goblets filled with the purest of wines.

We sat in silver chairs of the finest design,

And were played beautiful music, fit for ears divine.

Yet before a taste we alll could take,

Out strode their queen, with a beautiful grace,

She strode up to the throne laden with treasures of the day-

the suns glorious prescence shone off in glory rays.

"My friends," She said softly, with a voice like falling rain,

"You have come to this party, on the greatest of days,

To celebrate a ceremony of the friends who will make their stay,

In our bountiful dark caverns till the end of their days,

"For they see not their dark fate, they know not the rage,

We hold for their cruelty, their stupidity so strong.

And they know not of the embarrassment,

We have been forced to withstand."

And with that her head turned, and her eyes they flashed fire,

Yet we could understand not her purpose for the singing of the llyre.

And we turned then to the glories afore us,

And took our first bite,

And fell to an eternal rest,

Of the faeries Magick rite.