I know your not the right one for me

I can't help but wish that you were

There is just no getting around it

You aren't the man of my dreams

And you never will be

You will never live up to my expectations

And that isnt your fault,

It's mine.

I am the one that built my expectations to great.

I am the one who wants something she can never have,

I am the one that wants that figment of her imagination.

My expectations are to high.

They have been built upon my dreams

Of the perfect guy.

A guy that will not exist

No matter how much I want him too.

And I am sorry for you,

That I should expect you to compete with my imagination.

I expected to much out of you

I am sorry for that.

I didn't mean to put all of my hopes on you

That I had finally found my dream.

You can never be my dream.

For that I am sorry.

It really is my own fault

It always has been

I have made my dreams impossible.

I have let myself down.

I'm sorry.