Love surpassing all obstacles,

Even that of time.

Surrendering to the ever present

State of being complete.

Seeing the person

Realizing what they want,

How they feel

Never meeting them

But knowing them at once

You saw them in a dream

Saw their face in your past.

You really do know them.

You already know what's in their heart

Because it has surpassed the test of time

It has crossed the boundaries

Given you a new life

A new hope for the future

This man before you

Is from your past

More than a hundred years before

He was standing there

In another life

He was there with you

He is here again

Waiting for you to be together again

Standing against time itself

Consumed in the power of love

Withstanding everything

Past dying

Past decay

You have found a love that will last forever

A blissful eternity

You have found yourself.