Once upon a time, there was a poor little shepherd boy. He tried to be the best he could be for his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The unique thing about this shepherd was that he and his brother herded sheep for his Royal Highness, King Sam. King Sam had a daughter, Princess Katherine. Princess Katherine and the little Shepherd boy became friends and played a lot with one another. They soon became good friends. But one day, a tall, young Prince visited the castle. The Princess fell in love with the Prince and left the little Shepherd boy. No matter how hard he tried to gain her attention, however, the Princess was no longer interested in him. He cried and sulked for so many years and she never left his mind. Even when he tried being mean to her, it didn't work. Prince after Price would come to the castle and stay awhile, but all of them left except one. Prince Brian of Barnwell. By then the Shepherd and the Princess had become friends again, but not best friends. The Shepherd had fallen in love with a gypsy girl who broke his heart. Princess Katherine seemed very happy with Prince Brian, but one day the Shepherd boy found the Princess under the tree next to a brook by the castle. She had been crying, her tears having stained her face. When the Shepherd asked what was wrong, she said that she and Prince Brian had been fighting. Again. It turned out that she and Prince Brian fought constantly. She didn't like being with him. The shepherd comforted her and let her know that she was beautiful inside. That God made her for who she was. She was beautiful. She went back to the castle and sent Prince Brian away. When she came back to tell the shepherd, he told her that he was glad she finished her pain. Then he kneeled and told her he loved her. She stood there, gazing at this kneeling peasant. This was not customary, but she couldn't help but smile at him and say that she loved him too. A year later, they are happily together in the walls of Castle Plexico, watched over by none other than the Lord Jesus Christ himself.