1. You never see the killer's face until the end of the movie.1

2. The bad guy always takes the time to explain how he killed everyone and why to the good guy, so he has plenty of time to devise a plan of escape. He will not do this for any other character. Are they less deserving of a reason or just not smart enough to ask?2

3. The killer will kill 20 people when he only wants revenge on one certain person, who he always attempts to kill last. Why doesn't he just kill that person first and be done with it? Why all those other people who didn't have anything to do with it?3

4. People always run into places where they will obviously be trapped and forced to jump out a window or something, yet if they do they will always immediately get up and run away, not hurt or shaken in the least.4

5. The first murder is the most brutal.5

6. The killer always manages to get into the house without setting off alarms or being seen.6

7. People never freeze in shock, unable to move, when they see a killer. They always are in good enough senses to run their butts off.7

8. No one besides cops ever has weapons or is careful even though they all know perfectly well there's a killer loose.8

9. No one is upset by the death of anyone else beyond the first shocked scream. They are only upset that it might be them that dies next.9

10. People are able to perform amazingathletic feets after being shot or stabbed, such as running, knocking out an uninjured killer, and leaping through windows.10

11. If a woman hears a strange noise, she will never do the sensible thing and call the cops, she'lll have to go searching the house- alone of course- and make the killer's job easier.11

12. The victim is always a great runner who should run cross country.12

13. The killer can be shot and stabbed 20 times without ill effect.13

14. The person who knows what's going on is looked at as crazy.14

15. Knives slide easily into people and right back out.15

16. Anyone can be a killer for any stupid reason.16

17. In devil movies the devil never has a horn until he faces off with the good guy. 17

18. all horror movies have a theme of either " save my soul," "save the world," or "save my butt from a murderer".18