1. While they're telling a story, wait until they're finished, then say, " Huh?" After they retell the whole thing, say " Huhh?" Repeat.1

2. Tell your sister how hot you think her boyfriend is. Really go on about it explicitly.2

3. Tell your boyfriend, " You know, if you'd just be as good looking as so and so's bf, as good a kisser as my ex, and as rich as the Hiltons, you'd be perfect!"3

4. Give someone an Oreo cookie with toothpaste in the middle. (tried and true lol)4

5. Spoil the end of a movie before the commercials are over.5

6. Bring your screaming baby into a movie theater. Loudly shush it as you gallop up and down the aisle.6

7. Wake them up on a Saturday saying they'll be late for school/work.7

8. Call them names and yell at them, then later insist it was your evil twin.8

9. Eat their food if they get up for a second at the table.9

10. Stare at them ceaselessly without speaking. Trust me, after they stop being paranoid they get really mad.10

11. When someone makes an important phone call, eavesdrop and give your own helpful advice. you can also blow into the reciever repeatedly.11

12. Pretend you locked the keys into the car for 45 minutes. When your parents call a locksmith or break a window, announce you were kidding.12

13. Cut in front of them while driving, then drive 15 mph.13

14. Come up behind them while they're reading and slap their book closed.14

15. Insist they have a spider on their back. keep smacking it and saying you want to kill it for them.15