1. Lace the cafeteria food with ex lax.
2. Hand out postage stamps and tell everyone they're LSD.
3. Walk by with a pair of scissors and give everyone you pass a free haircut.
4. Eat the dissected parts of animals in anatomy. (one boy did this in my class)
5. Leave a bomb threat on the teachers desk. (has happened in my school)
6. Forget tacks- leave an unfolded swiss army knife in the teacher's chair.
7. Balance atop the basketball goal in the gym. While a game is going on.
8. Pierce a friend's ear in class. Without their knowledge or permission.
9. While handing a teacher money to buy a school book, accidentally pull out a bag of pot as well. (yep, has happened in my school lol)
10. Take a bath in the fountain of the lobby.
11. Pee in the soap dispenser in the bathroom so the next person who tries to get soap... doesn't. (believe it or not that happened too)
12. Hang upside down by your knees on the stall divider and peek at people. (yep this too)
13. In the middle of a Christmas concert, begin singing Ozzy Osbourne at the top of your lungs.
14. Get caught in the janitor's closet... with the janitor.
15. Depants every guy in your class. (yeah, not to that extent, but two guys)
16. Turn every library computer to a porn site. (yep has happened)
17. Whisper in the class psycho's ear exactly what he doesn't need to hear until he flips out.
18. While the cheerleaders do their pyramid at the pep rally, run up and shove the bottom center so they all fall.

19. In the middle of class, do yellow jackets out of a highlighter cap. (yep happened)
20. Stuff a freshman in the trashcan and tie on teh lid (yep)1