Britney Spears : Not so Crazy

Excluding demos, EP's, live performances and unreleased music/not on her discography albums or songs she sang with other artists, Britney Spears has logged an amazing 309 hours and 40 minutes of music. So in lieu of her previous disgrace in the public eye, she has given us this much time of enjoyment. Laid side by side of her media coverage on her life struggles, she has been more of an inspiration and an enjoyment than she has been a burden.

As much criticism as I have given the woman, I think her virtues far outweigh her negative side.

A YouTube video got me thinking about this and I wanted to share this with others. I feel it's a much nicer way to think of her. Maybe if we focused more on the good things she did, we'd be more positive about people going through the same things as her. There are far to many stressers in our lives, and just like us, she is a real person with the same kinds of hopes and fears. Add on the factor of the paparazzi, and we're talking a full on 'meltdown'! And like many of us, we can't tell when a breakdown is going to hit. I myself have broken down crying waiting in my doctor's office, why should she be any different?

I talk about mental health a lot and I think the media has stigmatized her a little too much. Though her music is far from deep and meaningful half the time, she isn't being marketed to me. That's the beauty of music, it's a great way to talk about the things that mean a lot to you, and there are more than enough artists to pick from. So if Brit isn't a good fit, go elsewhere.

Good for you Britney! Thank you and good luck.

In a closing note; if you do the math: That's 18580 minutes of music on her albums. The "Britney Crazy Baby" video is 5 minutes and 21 seconds long. This means that 0.028% of her music is crazy, baby!