Crack, crack, let's go again

Stricken by the ease of loneliness

Get tired of it all, then end

On a bittersweet note

Of pain and sorrow

And one hell of a carnival ride.

"These things are safe, right?"

Though it's not always what it seems

Sometimes you have to trust your eyes

When they scream and say "No!"

Maybe they're just curiously misconceived

By the teeth looming large

On your sweet pale throat?

Or maybe there's a reason for that

Ringing horror and laugh.

The hysterical skeleton is running

'Round and 'round in circles again.

Oh, just break his back

Snap the spine and sever the chords

As like killing a headless chicken

Isn't that all that need be done

For a merciful duty to God?

Ah, just let it be.

Soon enough, this ride is ending anyway

And the cold glare of the toothless beast

Won't mean a thing to any dead man here.

Skeletons get all the damn luck, don't they?