The lights were coming

A siren wailing

I just stood

They were coming nearer


A whisper from the heavens

"Wake up, wake up" Your sweet voice echoed inside me

My personal soldier

You smiled and my heart burst with joy


No words could describe you

Perfection, well that's what I thought

We walked hand in hand

But then she came

Tossing her hair about like she was "it"

I ignored her

But not you

Like every other stupid boy, you worshipped the ground she walked on

I felt your grip loosen

You looked into my eyes

Said you loved me

Of course you were lying

Over the next few days

You were too busy gawping at her to even notice me

I bought a new dress


I tried a new hairstyle


I even said I loved you


My heart was ripping at the seams

The lights were coming

I just stood

They were coming nearer

No voice this time

The lights hit

Now you were gone, I woke shaking

I should have known

I thought you were different

Life's just the same

Full of disappointment

But, then I realised I don't need you

The lights were coming

Your voice came down

But I ran

Your voice got louder, striking like lightning

Still I ran

Your voice screamed through the thunder

I ran

You can't catch me now

The lights were behind me

I don't want you

I'll find love again

It's just not you