Cel: Ha I just love-love when my two favorite Asians get together and start yelling. It's so much fun.

Chen: For you, you have no idea how annoying Yukie can be.

Yukie: Like you have room to talk.

Cel: Moving on.

Chen Kuo of China smiled briefly as he accepted his tea from Yukie Fujita of Japan.

While the two Asian didn't always get along, they were friends and they could both appreciated a good cup of Red Tea every now and then.

"Xièxiè." (1) The Chinese boy said as he placed his tea on the table before him, watching the steam rise from it. Yukie nodded and blew on her tea to cool it. It was be very embarrassing to burn her tongue.

"The day has been rather stressful, hasn't it?" Yukie asked, thinking of the busy day at the shop. It had been hectic with the arrival of the Nordics, the Mediterranean Trio and Bernardo all at the same time.

"Shì de." (2) The amber eyed boy replied as he traced patters in the steam rising from his cup. "Our friends are so loud and annoying." He sighed, thinking of the headaches that Gavriil and Artemis had caused him today, before Nordics, the Mediterranean Trio and Bernardo had even show up.

Yukie gave a coy smile as she took a sip of her tea; it was delicious, just the way her Kaa-san used to make.

"Oh really, do you think so?" She asked a teasing undertone in her careful voice. Chen gave her a small scowl.

"Yes I do." He said. Yukie snorted rather unladylike and took another sip of her tea. Chen frowned now and rested his cheek in his hand.

"You're annoying too." He said, Yukie blinked and smiled, before outright laughing. She couldn't help it Chen was just so funny.

"Oh really? Well forgive me; I sometimes forget how short-tempered you are." She chuckled.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Chen demanded.

Yukie merely smiled and watched as Chen quickly downed all the tea in his cup (she was awed at the way he didn't scald his tongue) and then slammed the cup down on the table, nearly cracking it.

"Now, now, Chen temper, temper." The brown eyed girl chided cheerfully, though she really was worried about that cup. It belong to the shop and if it broke someone would have to pay for it, that and it was awfully pretty.

"Zhùkǒu(3), your condescending face annoys me." He hissed. Yukie blinked prettily and smoothly replied.

"Your accent, reminds me of a cat scraping its nails against a chalkboard. Totemo meiwaku (4)." Chen growled and wondered how Yukie would react if he started trash talking her.

'Well since we're alone she'll fight back.' He thought, and he could use a good argument with Yukie. It helped relieve stress.

"You're not as much of a Lǐxiǎng de nǚrén(5), as you lead everyone to believe," Was Chen's bitter rebuttal. Yukie frowned and turned red face, her patience really was nonexistent when Chen was involved.

How dare that Chinaman call her out like that, she was too an ideal woman. She just didn't bother with being nice to Chen, because he was stupid.
"You're not as much of an asshole as you appear." She said sweetly, containing her anger by taking a calming sip of her tea.

Chen growled and glared at his friend.

"Pōfù(6)." He said. Yukie was now extremely red faced and the curse flew out of her mouth.

"Basutādo(7)." She said.

And then the yelling stared, aside from their initial cursing, they didn't swear (it took so much effort to place a curse in the appropriate place when one was screaming at the top of one's lungs), and most of everything said was in quick Chinese or Japanese and if anyone didn't know Chen or Yukie you would think that they were seriously fighting.

Luckily Apollo did know the two of them, so when he came into the room to see Chen and Yukie wielding swords and other well weapons, he merely ignored it.

Thought he did wonder where the hell those two hid the weapons, they were short Asians that collectively weighted 180 lbs.

But that was besides the point.

If you knew Kuo Chen and Fujita Yukie personally then you knew that Tea Time usually translated into Two Asians Yelling at Each Other to Disguise Their Friendship Time.

But that was a mouthful so Tea Time was what everyone went with.

3-Chinese-Shut up
4-Japanese- Very Annoying
5-Chinese-Ideal Woman

Cel: Well that's that.

Chen: I didn't have any fun.

Apollo: Ya sure?

Yukie: Don't encourage him.

Cel: Ha-ha well say goodbye.

Yukie: Sayonara

Chen: Zàijiàn

Apollo: See ya.