Title: Diary of a Stalker

Summary: A small town Detective Tedric Dalton knew that Tarifia was guilty of stalking her popular classmate Marcel and the attempted murder of his best friend, whom had tried to protect him. But was she also responsible for the death of Marcel's little sister?

Claimer: All characters and story line belongs to me.

Warnings: Mentions of murder, stalking and swearing.

AN: First attempt at a dark story. There will be slight slash/yaoi elements, but that isn't the main focus. And chapters are rather short, so sorry about that!

Chapter 1:

There were some days where he hated his job. The role as the one half of the only tangible detective agency for a small, rural town wasn't as glamorous as TV shows lead one to believe. He knew that before he got into this line of work. But he never got used to getting a phone call in the middle of a cold and dreary night to head to a possible murder scene that was a part of his job description.

He hated leaving his two kids asleep in their beds, completely unaware of his presence as he kissed them farewell, in the middle of the night. And he hated having to ask his sister, who fortunately only lived a couple of house down and was very understanding of his job, to watch his kids for him. With his wife passing from breast cancer just three years ago, there was no one he trusted more than his own sister.

It was a part of his job and he had to take it as it came. And tonight...he was going to be at work for more than a few hours.

He had a feeling that he knew, the moment his phone rang on his bedside table, what it was about. The details were brief, but they were significant.

A shooting. One person dead. Two victims alive. One in serious condition.

Turning the corner to the street were the shooting had taken place, he was greeted by the sight of flashing police lights and neighbours gathering out the front of their homes, wrapped in dressing gowns and gossiping to themselves. Uniformed police officers in their bright yellow and orange jackets were pushing people back, ordering them to stay behind the yellow police tape that that covered a vast area around the front of the house.

A house he was quite familiar with. He had been working with this particular family for months. A young girl, just hit 13, was savagely murdered a few months back. She was the youngest daughter of the Drewson family, a crime that was still being investigated. No motive, no potential suspects and no leads. They had hit several roadblocks.

There was a theory, though. Marcel Drewson, the oldest, felt he was the victim of an obsessed stalker. Tedric had seen his concerns, but unfortunately, there wasn't anything he could do. His stalker made no obviously threatening attempts. Until something happened to him and the event witnessed by someone else, or even documented in some way, there wasn't anything to be done.

The system was flawed as it looked like that something had happened. Something dramatic which resulted in a death. He just hoped that the one body wasn't that of Marcel's – the poor kid didn't deserve it.

Pushing aside a feeling of apprehension, he parked his car behind that of a marked police car and stepped out. He flashed the uniform police officer his badge as he walked up the driveway.

"Detective Tedric Dalton," he stated as the police officer nodded and lifted the police tape over his head, allowing him to enter.

He did a quick survey of the area, noting that a couple of ambulances were positioned out the front of the house in such a way that the public gathered in the streets could not get sight of something they shouldn't. The last thing he needed was peoples' macabre curiosity and them taking pictures to upload onto the internet making things worse.

"Tedric," a man in his 30s called out to him as he walked up the driveway. His partner of five years, it wasn't much of a surprise to find him on site so quickly. A workaholic bachelor, he didn't have family commitments to deal with.

And he was damn good at his job.

"Hey, Louis," Tedric replied as he moved to walk beside his partner. "What have we got?"

"One kid has already been rushed to hospital in serious condition," his partner told him as they approached the house, Louis leading the way. "Several knife wounds to the chest. They fear that one may have punctured his heart."


"James Gladford."

Marcel's best friend. Tedric gritted his teeth. He sincerely hoped that the kid would make it through somehow. Marcel had already lost his sister due to tragic circumstances; he wouldn't be able to handle losing his closest friend as well.

That was, if Marcel wasn't the one who lost his life.

"Who's our unfortunate victim?" Tedric dared to ask.

"I'll show you," Louis said as he led him through the front door and into a room that had splatters of blood on the walls, with little droplets on the ceiling. Upturned furniture littered the lounge room. Smears of blood everywhere. A very obvious struggle for life took place.

But, most prominent was that there was a body in the middle of the floor.