Warnings: Swearing, bad language and talk of voilence and murder.

Chapter 8:

Dear Diary,

Marcel doesn't have to worry about Rachelle anymore. We can be together now and no slut is going to get between us.

I didn't get as much blood on me this time. It was actually quite easy to slit her throat, just like with Carissa. Stupid bitch didn't take me seriously when I told her to leave Marcel alone. She flicked her hair at me and turned her back on me. You don't fucking turn your back on me. I won't be disrespected, especially by some wannabe-cheerleader slut!

I wasn't planning on killing her at first, but she started saying all this shit about me being a crazy stalker bitch. She fucking asked for it. She looked so shocked when I slit her stupid throat. Didn't see that coming, did ya, slut? I stabbed her a couple more times just to make sure she was dead. Couldn't have the stupid bitch living and telling on me, turning Marcel against me.

It was so easy. I didn't think it would be this easy. I guess it shows how smart I really am and how perfect I am for Marcel. I'm willing to all of this for him, so he has to love me.

I left the stupid bitch's body in a ditch, where she belongs. I doubt anyone will miss her.

I can't wait to see Marcel tomorrow!


Tedric almost couldn't believe what he just read and had to re-read a couple more times for the realization to have sunk in. And when it did, he slumped back into his chair, feeling as though he had been punched in the guts.

It was second written murder confession.

Tarifia murdered Rachelle in cold blood in an unfounded jealous rage…for Marcel. That was her logic. She did it for her and Marcel. Taking another life was inconsequential to her.

A teenager. She was just a teenager. How could-?

"Yo, Tedric?" There was a hint of apprehensiveness in his partner's voice at he called out to him.

Tedric glanced over to him, noting the concerned expression on his face. "The Rachelle Veron case is no longer a Missing Persons."

Louis looked pale as Tedric felt. "Don't tell me...?"

"Yeah," Tedric sighed, lifting a hand to pinch the bridge of his nose, tilting his head back to look at the ceiling. "A second murder confession. Doesn't say where she placed her body, just said in a ditch. We'll have to form a search and recovery for as soon as possible."

Louis drew in a sharp breath through his nose before he pushed away from his desk and took to his feet. "I'll get on it."

"Thanks," Tedric murmured as he turned his attention to the diary before him. What else was he going to learn?

He picked the wrong week to give up smoking. What else could this diary hold?

And, as ever, there was only one way to find out.

Dear Diary,

It's been three days and Rachelle hasn't been found yet. I doubt she will be. Man, I am so good at this. Seriously. I never really thought it would be so easy. Now, with Rachelle out of the way, there's nothing stopping me and Marcel from being together.

He's all mine.


The entry was short, dated two days after the confessed murder, but it showed her state of mind quite clearly. In her reality she had done nothing wrong. In fact, it was completely right in her world and now she deserved what she worked so hard to get; Marcel.

So, this entry was the exact moment where Tarifia took her terrifying obsession for Marcel to the next level.

Dear Diary,

I snuck into Marcel's house last night. It was going to be like, a romantic rendezvous or something, you know? I found his room, top floor, to the right. I've been watching him from across the street. I know where he's room is, so it was so easy to find it.

But you know what? He wasn't there! Can you believe that? He wasn't in his room. He must have stayed over at that friend's place, James or something. I don't know why, the guy isn't that interesting or cool. Oh, just because his sister died in a car crash, everyone thinks he's special. He's such a fucking tool.

And then, guess what, his dad came running out with a baseball bat! What a freak! And then his mum starting yelling that she was calling the police. They must have thought that I was a burglar or something.

They were so annoying. I mean, I could understand if I was a guy attempting to sneak into their daughter's room or something. But since I am a girl, they should be happy that their son has such a hot and sassy girlfriend! Fucking idiots.

That was such a waste of time! I can't believe they made me sneak into his house and he wasn't even there.

I'm so pissed!


As Tedric and Marcel's parents have suspected, Tarifia was the one who had broken into their house that night. The date above confirms it, and she pretty much described the whole thing in exact detail. Marcel had, indeed, stayed over at James that night. And Marcel's father did indeed rush out with a baseball bat and his mother did in fact call the police.

None of this was made public knowledge and was treated as a random break-and-enter, even though everyone suspected that Marcel's stalker was to blame.

Was it irony or poetic justice that Tarifia was the reason why the Drewson family bought the gun that eventually lead to her violent death?

Tedric couldn't help but sense that the next few entries will clearly show Tarifia's fragile grip on reality slipping away completely. She had well and truly reached the stage of no return.

Dear Diary,

I feel sick. I just saw the most disgusting thing ever. It made me want to vomit. I mean, it was so disgusting.

Ok, so, I was attempting to sneak into Marcel's room again so we could spend some time together when I heard someone else's voice. And…it's too disgusting to say. James is a faggot and he's trying to turn Marcel into one as well.

He kissed him! He fucking raped him!

Oh my god, it's just sooo disgusting. I actually threw up. And I ran home. Could you blame me? I can't believe that Marcel would betray me like that. And his parents actually let a gay faggot into their house? Letting Marcel cheat on me! With a guy!

That bastard. Mum was right; all men are pigs and a waste of space.

I'm going to make him pay for that!


Again, Tedric found himself physically wincing when he read her clearly raged-induce words. He could nearly feel her disgust and fury. Directed at both James and Marcel.

So, that was the reason why she finally directed her full rage to James. The moment that finally tipped her over the edge of reason into insanity. Before, she saw James as an annoyance, but now he was a rival for Marcel's affections.

And she couldn't have that.

Dear Diary,

Marcel is mine. He belongs to me. Everyone is just jealous at how I am perfect for him. I am the best thing that has ever happen to him. A man can't be worth anything unless he has a perfect and wonderful girlfriend at his side. Everyone knows that.

Can you believe the nerve of some people? I mean, my so called 'friends' said that I was bordering on obsession with my crush on Marcel and that they were scared. Can you believe that? I'm not obsessed with him, it's only a crush! Like, I love him and he loves me. They're just jealous, everyone is.

I think I deserve my own happily ever after, and I am going to get it. Whether anyone else likes it or not!


Tedric couldn't help but feel a sense of frustration wash over him. Her friends had been scared of her; they knew that she was the one stalking Marcel. And yet, they said and did nothing. Perhaps they also suspected that Tarifia killed Carissa and were literally afraid that she would do the same to them.

And, from reading her personal diary, their fears could have been well-founded.

Dear Diary,

Mum once said to me that if I want something then I should get it, no matter what. And I think she might be right for once. I want Marcel. And I will get him.

But before we can be together, I have to get rid of a couple of things.

I got rid of Carissa and Rachelle; I can get rid of James as well. And if his parents interfere, I'll get rid of them as well. Nothing will be able to stop me. That'll show Marcel how I am better for him than anyone else. Make him see how much I love him. This is all for us.

Tonight, I'm going to sneak into Marcel's place again. James is there, probably raping him again. I'll send that faggot to hell, where he belongs.


Dated; last night. Probably written mere hours before she headed out to complete her murderous task. It was premeditated. She didn't force her way into Marcel's house and was surprised by James. She knew he was going to be there. And she was ready for him. And for Marcel's parents, if necessary. She was ready and willing to destroy everything and everyone who opposed her.

How many more lives would she have taken if Marcel didn't stop her tonight?

Marking the entry, Tedric closed the book and carefully placed it into an evidence bag. He was relieved that it was over, there were no more entries for him to read, no surprised confessions of murder to discover.

Still, knowing that Tarifia was no longer a threat to anyone didn't help with his frayed nerves.

"I'm done," Tedric muttered, itching for a coffee. "I read the whole thing. It clarified everything we know."

"Everything?" Louis asked him.

"As much as we knew up until tonight," Tedric replied as he heaved himself out of his chair, stretching out the aches and kinks he required from leaning over his desk for so long. "And explained a few things we didn't know about."

"I see." Louis didn't exactly sound thrilled with that. Then again, there was nothing to get excited over in this case. The perpetrator was dead, shot in self-defence by her victim, whom of which lost his sister and neighbour to her murderous obsession. And could very well lose his best friend as well.

"Did you manage to speak with Marcel when you were at the hospital?" Tedric asked as he snapped off the plastic gloves covering his hands, throwing them into the bin.

"Briefly," Louis answered, pulling out his notepad. "Apparently, she went into a murderous rage after witnessing the two on the couch together."

"Are they in a homosexual relationship?" Tedric asked, remembering the entry in Tarifia's diary stating that she had witnessed the two kissing. Or something of that nature.

"Technically, no. But Marcel has admitted that he could be gay and that he and James might have a more than friend's relationship going on."

Sounded something like a confused and frightened teenager would say.

"His words?"

Louis nodded. "Yeah."

The sound of his phone ringing on his desk prevented Tedric from asking anymore questions regarding the teenaged boys and their health status. As he plucked the phone from the cradle, he hoped that it was actually the hospital ringing him and not some media hound.


Thankfully, he immediately recognised their official hospital spokesperson's voice on the other end of the line. "Just letting you know that James had made it through surgery," Martha told him and she sounded as relieved as he felt.

"What's his prognoses?"

"The next 24 hours will be critical. But they are confident that he should make it."

"That's good to know, thanks." With a terse goodbye, Martha hung up her end of the phone first. It seemed abrupt to Tedric, but he figured that she was dealing with the 'hounds' at the hospital and didn't want any of the media to overhear their conversation.

He'll let someone else deal with the media. He had more important things to do.

"They think he's going to make it," Tedric told his partner as he placed the phone back into its cradle.

"A piece of good news at last," Louis muttered.

Tedric couldn't agree more.

"Do me a favour; copy the pages I marked," Tedric said to Louis, indicating to the diary with a jab of his thumb. "They hold the evidence necessary if we need to go to trial."

"Right," Louis nodded as he pushed away from his desk, walking to grab the diary. "You going to the hospital now?"


"It would be better if you tell them, I guess."

"Probably," Tedric muttered as he ran a hand through his hair, showing frustration and weariness. "Can you brief Rachelle's family?"

"Yeah, alright," Louis sighed as he placed the diary back down, deciding to do the photocopying later. "We better do it before the media does."

Tedric wasn't looking forward to telling the family what he had learnt; about the two murders and her reasoning behind their death. He hated this part of the job the most.

But first, he was going to give home a quick call. Just to see how his kids were doing.