I dont think Ill make it

I've told many stories,

And named many names-

Yet the names that are named,

Are not those most famed.

There has been a great fortune,

Brought by more than one break-

And has been greater deceit,

Then one soul may take.

There was even the gift of happiness,

Yet one that would not rest,

On a heart so dizzy-hearted,

And a soul from such a nest.

Thus this heart is making plans now-

Yes this heart it needs a turn-

This soul is breaking walls now-

To a place of its own herd.

But do not fret-

No do not fear-

For the path it knows,

Is not one heard.

Yet the heart will turn-

Yes the heart will choose its path-

It will past through the challenge-forest,

To a place of no regret.