Before you read, I'd like to say that I wrote this based on some real experiences I had as a child. But this isn't a child narrating, it's an adult living alone. Male or female, your pick. It doesn't really matter in this. Enjoy!

I open my eyes to pitch black. I feel around for my clock and turn on the backlight. 1:24am. I've slept 4 hours.

I close my eyes to fall back to sleep...What was that? I heard a noise, it sounded like a small thump, as if a book fell from its shelf. Could someone have broke into my house? Unlikely.

I lay there listening for another...but nothing for a while. So I try to drift back to sleep.


There it is again. Surly, I can't sleep until I find out the source. So I throw off my blanket and make my way through the darkness, feeling for a light switch. I exit my bedroom and walk through the dark hallway, into the bathroom. Ah, there's the light switch! I flick it on to see my bathroom. Normal; as I see it every day. But I'm tired, so tired, and I need to get up in the morning. So I look around the house for the source of the sound.

Ah, as I suspected, in the computer room, a few books fell off their shelf. I pick them up and examine the covers. "Study Of Paranormal Entities" and "Everything There Is To Know About Zombies". These things interested me, (Paranormal activity, serial killers, cannibalism, etc...) so I had a few books about them.
I put the books back on their self, and start toward my bedroom.

Suddenly, I feel tingling down my spine. I feel the need to run, to get out of this room immediately. So I start sprinting to my bedroom as fast as possible. Then, in the middle of my bedroom, I'm completely stopped in my tracks. I can't move. I'm completely frozen in mid-run. Paralyzed. How is this happening? Has something taken over my body?

Unholy laughing grows loud in my head. It feels as if it's the loudest thing I've ever heard. But it's coming from inside my head. I can't scream or move, or barely breath. When will this end? Will it end? I stand there motionless; waiting for this to stop. Please stop.

The laughing fades, and I am able to move. I slowly walk to my bed, confused. Then I drift off into sleep, and wake up in the morning.