The cup is filled with the drink

It will take it all away

At last, my sorrows shall leave

I raise it in a silent toast to the gods

Closing my eyes

Bringing it to my lips

This cup of forgetfulness

Of salvation

But as the rim touches my lips

I hesitate

My eyes open again

I see again, through memory

Your terrified eyes

The knife held in my hand

The dark clouds of loss above

I feel in my heart, as fresh as it was then

The fear of loss

The fear of loneliness

The fear of disbelief

I hesitate

My eyes see blindly as I stand

The cup is lowered

I gaze at the liquid inside

My face reflected

A thousand sorrows

A thousand tears

To be lost or kept

At last I choose

I raise the cup again

And fling it away

The liquid dashed over the stones

Soaking into the ground

The earth cannot forget

Nor will I

I will live with my heart

Heavy as it is

For good or for ill