Yay insomnia! This is a poem I wrote about my feelings for 'night time.' Slightly dark. The rhyming scheme is off but whatever…poetic license and all that jazz. Please let me know how you like it. I appreciate all feedback!


I've never liked the night,

Slipping hands around my eyes,

As you rob me blind of light.

The suffocating dark creeps in,

Where shadows come to die,

Sleep becomes a far off dream,

And goodnight is now goodbye.

No…I've never liked the night,

The sound of silence,

Screams of violence,

When terror comes to play.

Pale stars burn the sky

Jealous of the day.

Clashing with exhaustion,

Trembling from fright,

No…. I will never, never

Never like the night.

Well…with that lol good night