when i was a child, i wanted to learn the piano. it was my dream, my goal in life. nobody could afford to pay for lessons, and my grandma (who's been playing since she was a child, and is now 77) didn't think i was ready to be taught. i joined band in sixth grade, learned the saxophone - alto, tenor, baritone. i picked up bits and pieces from other piano players in the band.

now i have to teach myself, and it scares me that i can't read below-the-staff ledger lines anymore (at least, not below c; i know it in theory, but when i look at the paper, it's hard to read the lines). so my plan for piano is to watch song tutorials on youtube, take notes, practice what these generous people have to say.

right now i'm learning apres moi by regina spektor.

and since my boy has introduced me to the wondrous composition of yoko kanno, i'll probably try some of her songs as well - specifically nowhere and everywhere. it's so pretty. but my favorite composition by her is goodnight julia, which has a GORGEOUS tenor sax solo that i want to learn super badly. this is a song i want at my wedding.

-first entry of the new pillowbook. and dammit, this one will be a pillowbook, it will be me.