Oh, I'm so tired. I've been chasing kids all day. Why didn't he stop me from running? They had loads of fun with me though. They laughed so much and their eyes twinkled with laughter. They tired me out. Now I'm lying here and my eyes are begging me to be closed. But I cannot nod off, it's almost snack time! I really don't want to miss that.

He's watching the telly, as he calls it. I can hear the noise coming from it. I think it's a funny show, because I can hear him laughing. Wish I could find the energy to get up and watch it, but I'm just so tired. And he hates it when I go sit in front of the screen anyway. Or when I try to lie down on the couch. (Try. He always stops me from doing it.) So I'll just keep lying here.

Yawn. I'm almost falling asleep here. Why don't I have an alarm clock to set, like he has? Then I could close my eyes for a bit and I wouldn't miss snack time. Hm, I love my daily snack, but I also love sleeping… What to do, what to do… If I was like him, life might be easier. Or not. I often hear him say he wishes to be like me. I guess life's funny that way.

Darn, my eyes are getting itchy. I don't think I can keep them open much longer. Biting myself to stay awake doesn't help either. Don't know why he thinks slapping himself will keep him awake when he's tired. It never helps. Doesn't stop him from trying though. Funny to watch, too.

Hey, it's gone silent. Show's over probably. Snack time?

"Lee! Come here boy!" I cannot stop my ears from twitching at the sound of his voice calling me. I hurriedly stand up, suddenly completely awake, and start running towards the kitchen, while almost falling over my own paws. It's snack time! I skid to a stop in front of my boss with a loud "Woof!"