For the Pain and Sorrow

For the pain and sorrow

that you've felt.

For the tears

you've wept.

For the situations

with which you've dealt.

For the secrets

you've kept.


For the constant throb

in your heart.

For the sickening feeling

you get.

For all

the demented art

That comforts

you yet.


For the unborn scream

lodged in your throat.

For the un-choked tears

hidden deep behind your mask.

For silently bearing the winter chills

ever without a coat.

For the unarmed man inside you

jumping to the task.


For the sharp knife

nestled comfortably in your gut.

For the determination it took

to share with the world.

For the

un-healable cut.

For your shattered desires

and your whims carelessly hurled.


For the fact

that you'll never be the same.

For the endeavor it takes

to remain sane.

For that first

scarring name.

For that unreachable relief

released by rain.


For my dearest

of friends.

For your constant mood

being blue.

For the hope

that your tragedy one day mends.


is for you…