Nala woke in the hospital. The doctors told her that she was fine, just a slight concussion and a deep slash across her left forearm. Other than that, she had no problems. Megan hadn't been quite so lucky. The girl was dead, hacked almost to pieces really. Nala had been found by the side of the road while Megan had been among the trees.

Nala told the police all she knew, which wasn't much, and smiled a little as Bobby came into the room. He held her hand and listened to her cry and blame herself and then he said all the right things and she felt a little better. Bobby was ushered out by a nurse about 30 minutes later; he winked at Nala and promised to be back. As he headed out the door, Nala frowned at his retreating form. There was something sticking out of his back pocket, something black. It looked like a balaclava. For just a moment, Nala wondered what Bobby was doing with a balaclava in this weather. But it was too hot and too much had happened and all she wanted to do was sleep a while.