The green blades of grass swayed euphorically in the breeze

A sweet spice dances in the light breeze swirling around me

As the sun jumps energetically over the clouds

I sit down beside a babbling brook

I wander where the days, hours, minutes, seconds went

They seemed like whispers caught in the wind

I feel like I'm lost in this world

Tied down, unable to fly away

I see delicate butterflies flutter in the sun

And I wander what it would be like to fly above the ground

Free and unable to feel fear that is pounded into my heart

I want to hear the dusty footsteps on a traveller

Hear their stories of foreign tastes

Will I ever feel that light taste on my tongue?

I look down to a small flower

It stretches high as if it longs to be in the sky too

Its yellow eyes peeking out into the world

Its summer scent taking me away to a land no one has thought of

Filling me up with dreams and adventures that make my heart sing

I hold the tiny buttercup in my hands and feel like I have settled like a butterfly on a flower

I'm no longer lost in this big world but lost in my own small island where I can dream…