A Beginning:

A fable:
A humming bird once
Tasted nectar so sweet
That no single substitute
Would bring her peace.
When the nectar was gone
The hummingbird wept.
Time still moved on,
But she hardly slept.
She was trying to find
Another sort of release
To calm her mind.
But without the poison
Of that tender honey
Her heart had frozen.
No one will save me,
She quietly despaired.
And died soon after
All because she had
Lost love and laughter.

A story:
This is love, she thought.
He took her in his arms,
Just like stories taught.
He saved her from harm.
He left her not long after.
He had good intentions
But his absence had only
Left her with questions.
She found another man but
Like others, it didn't last.
Sometimes, she looks back
At the lost lover in her past.
Sonnets are made to show devotion,
But she's just going through the motions.

A lie:
I have moved on;
I don't care anymore.
I loved you then.
My heart is buried
Beneath floor boards.
I'm alright because
I never really
Believed in your love.

A joke:
Just because you cannot see
That intangible feeling
Doesn't mean it can't
Simply send you reeling.
How foolish to think
Leaving would be easy.

The curtain fall:
If the hummingbird had
Tried to live, tried to breathe
She would have learned
That all wounds will heal
Even if old scars burn.

.:the end:.