Joseph folded his hands on the table and looked at Lisa, Able and Jane. Doing so made him realize just how much he hated David. It was clear that David wanted to leave and he'd manipulated Joseph's big brother instinct to be able to do it. He'd known that Joseph wouldn't like the idea of leaving his teammates completely alone and Joseph was stupid enough to play right into his hands, "It's recently come to my attention that I've been….a jerk lately."

"You can say that again," Able muttered.

"I'd like to apologize for way I've acted," Joseph continued as if he hadn't heard him, "I realize that a team is only as good as its leader and I failed all of you the other night including my sister. I know I haven't been the easiest to get along with and I just ask all of you to be patient with me, especially now since David's gone."

Lisa looked at him in shock, "What do you mean he's gone? I talked to him two hours ago and he didn't say anything about-"

"He obviously didn't really want many people to know"

"Why did he leave?" Jane demanded.

"He believes that the Guardians will be coming for him because of the laws that he's broken."

"Well, we should protect him, we should find where he is," Jane exclaimed.

"No, he asked us not to" Joseph said, "We can't waste time for that. If the Guardians are coming for him, then chances are that they're going to come looking here first. Which means that while we're going to sit around trying to figure out how to get Naomi out of Facility, we might as well build up our defenses just in case we get a few visitors."

A few seconds of silence passed and for a brief moment, Joseph was nervous that his previous treatment of his teammates would come back to bite him, and if he had to he was going to resort to telling them what would happen to them if they were caught in all the gory details, then he'd stoop to that. Again.

"Well," Able straightened up, saving him the time and trouble "Where do we start?"

Frederic found Kyrie sitting in his office when he came through the door. When he saw her, he sighed and closed the door behind him. With everything that happened to Naomi today, and trying to handle the situation from the attack of the soldier, he'd forgotten that he asked to speak with her.

"I was told that you wanted to see me," she said. He could hear the malice dripping with every word.

He sat across from her, "Would you like to explain to me why you suddenly decided to quit your job as my assistant?

"Well, when I work with someone, I'd hope he has some morals. I don't trust a man who will sell out his own kids to watch his partner's back."

"Odd, you never had a problem with it before."

She rolled her eyes, "It wasn't supposed to be like this."

"Like what?" he asked. He found that he was more interested than what he thought he'd be.

She looked down, "We were just…I didn't think you'd go this far... We were just supposed to continue going on our little chase and that was supposed to be it, you weren't supposed to turn in your kids but everything's wrong. Everything's gotten worse since we were assigned to catch your kids."

"What do you mean by saying that everything's wrong?"

She averted his gaze, "Nothing."

"Is this somehow related to you being kidnapped and getting your ability?"

She froze, "I think you need to get some sleep because you're talking insanity."

"Oh come on," he gave her a smug look; "You had to have realized I know about your ability. What is it? Some sort of foresight ability? How far can you see? Thirty seconds in the future? Forty? Don't look at me like that; it's obvious that you didn't hide your ability very well. I mean, come on. Jumping on the clone on the stairwell" Either you're amazing at physics or something because there's no way you'd risk something like that on luck."

She didn't say anything.

"Now listen, I don't want to have to blackmail you to get what I want, but just so you know, I'm not afraid to resort to that."

"And why do you want my help?"

"Because despite your new attitude towards me, you're the one I trust. Like you I'm not happy with the way things are going. There may be a time soon when I have to ask for your help and I need to be sure that you'll give it to me."

Naomi curled up on the bed in her cell and tried to get some sleep. It was hard to move her arms and shoulders were stiff from the hours in the strait jacket, but now that they'd released her to the small cramped dank cell again, maybe she could hope to get some sleep.

"I heard you made quite a scene today," the voice on the other side of the wall said.

She sat up, "You again?"

Bernard picked apart some of the bread from his dinner and smiled to himself, he'd heard all about her adventures today and he had been looking forward to talking with her. She was already starting to show so much potential, "Sorry," he lied, "I would've tried to talk to you, but I was being experimented on the labs all day."

"Just leave me alone," he heard her say tiredly, "I just want to sleep."

"Okay," he leaned against the wall, "But while you're trying to rest, you should know that I might have a way to get us out of here."

"What?" he heard her exclaim.

"But silly me," he said, baiting her, "We can talk about it in the morning, you've had a long day and you need your rest. Good night."

"Tell me, right now."

He shrugged, he knew that she couldn't see it, but he found the role more convincing if he could convince himself as well as the person he was manipulating. It was the smaller things that sold the role, "Alright but listen carefully because I can only afford to say this once."

Clarke watched the abandoned warehouse from his position in the van, "How many heat signatures?"

"Four," the tech said.

His bodyguard watched the computer monitor with the tech, "We couldn't hack in to the cameras so we don't know who is all in there yet, but the bugs that we were able to plant outside the windows sounded like Joseph was planning on leaving."

"Good," he leaned back, "That means David will be convinced to stay in his place and if he'd decided to stay then they had him. Alright, put the building on lockdown."

Joseph looked up from his map right as the power was cut off. He waited a few seconds for the backup generator to kick in. It never did. He couldn't see anything, but he looked over to the general direction of his friend, "Able?"

Able opened his laptop and typed something, "It's nothing I did."

"Well then," he looked at his team thanks to the light from the computer, "Let's get to work"

The End