Hi! This is my first upload. Ever. So I'm mewpichu. My English teacher gave our class a prompt on the third day of school, and this is what I came up with.

Journal Prompt: It's been three days (and)...

It's been three days since I've begun my fall.

Lust. I remember the day I got my job. It could have been the best day of my life. Boss said that I got it because of my devotion. But I can't help but look through the clouds. I see all of the people, but I look for one in particular. And then I see her. She's walking to her car, keys in one hand, groceries in the other. And for a second, I just think about her. About what it would feel like to hold her in my arms. For just a second, I forget about my job, my boss, my devotion. I quickly notice my error and get back to work. I wouldn't dare tell a soul.

Gluttony. My colleagues and I sit at the round table with Boss for another meeting. But I'm not paying attention to what everybody has to say. I can only stare at the cookies in the middle of the table. Sugar cookies with vanilla frosting. Boss made them for us, because we all had been working so hard lately. I can't resist. I take a cookie, the sweetness suddenly filling my mouth. I don't know why I did it. I don't know what could have possessed me. Boss had told us that there are only enough cookies for us to have two each. I had three. Boss is not going to be happy.

Greed. I have my first mission today. Boss had sent me to the Dark Forest on a scouting mission. I'm not quite sure what I'm searching for, only that I'm searching. A man with an old wooden cane suddenly walks out into the clearing that I reside in. What are you doing here, he asks. I don't know, I reply. He takes me back to his shack and offered me a box. What is this, I ask. Power, he says, I know your kind. You'll need it if you want to survive in this world. I take the box from him, but my common sense keeps screaming at me. I feel so troubled as I feel power rush through me. I don't understand why. This man must be some sort of demon, for he lives in the Dark Forest. So why did I take it? Why?

Sloth. Boss was giving us another lecture, but, as usual, I don't pay attention. I know that I probably should, and that Boss has much to teach me, but I just can't find the energy. This has been happening more and more lately. I just stare forward, my mind completely, utterly blank. Boss looks my way. I can tell that Boss is not impressed. My mistake is minor, but it is a mistake, a failure. I must pay attention… pay attention… I've noticed that Boss has been treating me differently as of late. Could Boss possibly know of my actions, even though I haven't told a soul? Boss must then know about my new demonic power. I think I'm digging myself into a pit that I can't possibly climb my way out of.

Wrath. Boss approaches me. You have done evil things, Boss tells me, Four evil things, to be exact. And I'm quite sure you know of our laws. I scowl, and then start to scream. I unleash all of my pent up anger and frustration in one moment and I do the unthinkable. I move to strike Boss across the face. But Boss moves a hand faster than I could see and latches onto my wrist before I can make any contact. I struggle for a second before I look up at Boss with wide, frightened eyes. Boss frowns with deep disappointment and says, that makes five.

Envy. I lay in this murky, enclosed room. All I feel is pain. The guard says that the ritual will begin in 10 minutes. I can't even begin to get a solid grasp of time. But soon the door creaks open. A man comes in and roughly grabs me. He drags me along the floor into the Portal Grounds. And right there next to Boss, stands the son, still very young, in all his glory. The son just stares at me. His eyes hold no hatred, no hostility. How can this boy not hate, while emotions radiate of my body? The son is everything I've ever wanted to be, and yet here I am, before him, about to face my fate. Two men approach me from behind. I can feel their divine hands dragging knives down my back, and then I feel a sudden pain. My wings are cut off and I scream. My golden blood pools at my feet and they push me down… down… down… until I fall through the floor, fall through the clouds, fall from grace. I look up as I fall, only to see the son looking down on me.

Pride. I fall through the clouds. I cannot see through the endless sea of white. But my fall to doom gives me time to think. I have sinned. I know that. But maybe sinning is not such a bad thing. I have made my choices and nobody else can understand the greatness I have achieved from doing so. I've experienced love. I've gotten revenge. I've obtained power. I fall through the sky with a deadly smirk on my face. If I hit the ground right now, I would be happy, no, overjoyed with myself. I break through the clouds and I can see the ground, looming ever so closer with every passing second. It's the moment that I realize that I've only got a few more seconds to live. I almost gave in, almost surrendered my soul to the devil. But I won't let him take me into the dark depths of hell. I put my hands together and pray. I pray and pray.

Please, I pray, Please, Mr. God, give me one last chance. Allow me to repent for my sins. I beg of you.

I hit the ground.

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