The Stairway

The Moon Howls At The Wolf

Faith is taking the first step, even when you do not see the whole staircase.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Have you ever seen that movie where there is a staircase that extends through the clouds?

And although nothing structurally supports it the whole way up,

It just continues onward, uninhibited by the plights of man.

To me, that must be God's ultimate odd sense of humor

And his only pure assessment of our true faith

Because truly, what is humanity's greatest fear if not failure?


So God tests us, to see if we truly believe in his kindness

Or if we just sprout lies to better our souls,

By guiding us to the stairs and then letting go

The way a parent only holds on to a child's bicycle for so long

Before they let their children try it on their own

With them constantly watching from the sidelines

In this model, God lets us try the stairs on our own

To see if we know that He would never let us fall


And truly what better exam to test faith is there then freedom?

Freedom to make our own choices on how to handle the stairs

Those who have to "know" will be cursed by their knowledge

And they will fall to their eternal doom.

But those who believe in his mercy

Will never have any trouble reaching the top

For God is always with them, in good times and bad

Author's Note: Written on September 27th 2011. I'm not really an extremley religous person, so I'm not entirely sure where exactly this came from, but I like it. I found the quote trying to find my senior quote for the yearbook, and while this is not it, it did stick out to me as inspirational towards poetry, although the movie (I believe its called: Stairway to Heaven) maybe inspired me a tad bit more. I don't know what I am saying anymore. Hope you liked the poem, and please revew both this poem and some of my other work. All feedback is welcome! Thank you!


The Moon Howls At The Wolf