Love, that's all it is.

Love is so simple. Love is just that: love.

The dictionary's definition of love is this: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. And that is exactly what it is, yet it is also so much more.

It is silent and invisible. It is small and insignificant, but when it comes into your life, it is brings with it big changes and big happenings. The great city of Troy fell because of it. It can't get any bigger than that.

But for most people, all those earth-shaking changes occur inside, deep down, where only they themselves can feel it. A shy girl may suddenly put down her books and approach the guy she likes with a hesitant smile on her face. A guy who practically lived on the soccer field may just change out of his jerseys and take the girl he likes to a movie. No one told them what to do. No one went up to them and forced them to deviate from their usual behaviour, all that happened was that they fell in love.

And so it happened to me. High school had just started and everybody was as confused and lonely as I was – the perfect opportunity to make friends. I was by nature a quiet and shy person, a person who is very much internalised and as usual, I was sitting alone at a table designed for two. Home room in the morning was a mess, what with the students streaming in, the teachers shouting for order and the chit-chat of the girls. After checking in my attendance, I turned my attention to my book and sat there, enjoying my novel until the bell for first period rung.

Straight after home room was Literature, a subject that very few of my class mates took. Nervously, I began looking at the name list, filled with information about all our subject combinations, hoping to find a fellow literature student. Just as I was about to give up and go on by myself, my eyes caught at a name: Nicholas Jonathan Fieze, I read, only realising that I had spoken out loud when a dark head shot up and looked directly at me. Our eyes met of their own accord and I found myself looking into a pair of intense, dark eyes, set beneath a wide forehead and perched above a strong nose ridge. His head was neatly trimmed and his shoulders wide.

Then, I blinked and the moment was gone. He was still there however, looking at me quizzically. I gave him a wide smile and mouthed the word "literature". He caught on immediately and returned my grin with a smile on his own, nodding his head to my unspoken question. Excited at the prospect of making a new friend, I quickly gathered my things and off we went to a lesson that I was never to forget.

For better or for ill, a link between us had formed, and who was I to question why?