The Company of Wolves

Note: This is a girls love, breast expansion, and female muscle expansion story. If those themes do not interest you then please do not read this story.

Jessie Ironeagle slowly spun the newly-made dreamcatcher at eye-height and smiled. The hoop and net were red, as were the feathers and beads. "Hey, this is really good!"

Sienna Ricci shrugged and forced a smile. "Thanks," she said.

Even the smile was fake, Jessie felt happy for her younger cousin. Sienna's family had come by the Makwa Forest Reservation to visit their relatives for a few days, and Jessie wanted to teach Sienna about the old ways of the Mahíngan tribe.

"Red's definitely your color," she said, making note of Sienna's red bandana, shirt, and shorts. She couldn't quite get over how Sienna, who was fourteen-years-old, had developed an astonishingly mature figure with full breasts, a slim waist, and wide, saucy hips. What kind of food additives did that to a girl? Her skin was light due her multiracial background, her chin-length hair soft and brown. Blues eyes gave her an even more European appearance.

In contrast, Jessie was fairly dark-skinned and with a muscular build for her age. Her hair was raven-black and reached her waist, a red baseball cap jammed onto her head. She was tall, her figure athletic from all the hiking, biking, and hunting she did. Having just turned sixteen-years-old, Jessie had modest breasts, especially compared to her well-endowed cousin, mother, and most other women in the reservation.

"I guess," Sienna said, a bit dismissively. She sighed and wiped a hand over her perspiring forehead. "Man, it's hot," she complained as Jessie handed her dreamcatcher back.

"Yeah, I know," Jessie chuckled. The two were strolling down a dirt path through the woods. The sounds of insects filled the August air, comforting for Jessie who had lived her entire life on the Makwa Forest Reservation. Sienna looked less than thrilled though.

"So...read the new Bloodlines novel?" Jessie asked.

Sienna nodded. "Yeah, it was cool. I liked the second book better though."

"You know, Emily Hume got her idea for Joseph and the Werewolves from our very own Mahíngan Tribe!" Jessie said enthusiastically. "Pretty cool, eh?"

Sienna shrugged. "I guess," she said. "I like Eric and the Vampires better though."

Jessie laughed. "Ah, come on! Where's your pride in being a Mahíngan?"

Sienna rolled her eyes and blew a stray strand of hair out of her face. "I'm not a real Mahíngan," she muttered. "I was born outside the tribe, in Atlas City. I wasn't raised as a Mahíngan, OK?"

"But that doesn't mean you can't get in touch with your roots," Jessie offered with a smile.

"Jessie, I don't like it here, OK?" Sienna griped. "This isn't my home. My home is in Atlas City, not a wolf-infested forest. I need convenience, you know? You guys live off of tourism and selling dreamcatchers to people. That's not my life."

Jessie's heart sank. "OK Jessie," she said, hurt and more than a little angry. "I guess you're ashamed to be related to a bunch of savages and you can't wait to get away from the reservation."

"Fine, if that's what you want to think," Sienna sneered. She tossed her dreamcatcher into a bush and stopped off down the road. "You can be happy in your precious forest if you want. I'm gonna go home and watch TV."

Her patience at its end, Jessie growled and kicked a rock off the road.

She can't even pretend to care about us or her heritage!

A blinding pain suddenly stabbed through her stomach. Jessie's eyes bulged in surprise, then pain overtook her and she doubled over, clutching her middle. She let out an agonized howl, and began to pant, tears building in her eyes.

"Not again..." she growled through clenched teeth.

She barely heard the footsteps running back to her and hands taking her shoulders. She opened her eyes to find Sienna had returned, looking frightened.

"Jessie! Are you all right?"

"Just a cramp." Jessie made a hiss of pain. "They go away soon enough. Go home."

"Really?" Sienna asked. "You really look hurt—"

Jessie waved her off and got to her feet unsteadily. "Damn, my cramps are getting worse and worse," she said. "That's it, I need to see the medicine woman."

"Are you kiddingme?" Sienna asked, objecting as she offered her arm for Jessie's balance. "Drop the noble savage act and get to a hospital!"

"I don't like hospitals, and the medicine woman's closer," Jessie insisted. "And don't say our medicine woman's no better than any doctor just because she's go an alternative way of healing."


"Wait, stop!" Jessie ordered. "Pick your dreamcatcher up! I'm not letting that go to waste!"

"Seriously?" Sienna asked, incredulous. "Fine, just be quiet until you feel better!"

Sienna left Jessie standing awkwardly in the middle of the road. Jessie winced at the awful stickiness squishing at her crotch. Each time she had one of her strange cramps it was followed by a very bad period. She would need to replace her tampon.

It was only a short wait for Sienna to return, dreamcatcher in tow. "Come on now," Sienna said, helping her older cousin limp along back into town.

Jessie had traveled to nearby Willowton several times, and it was similar to her home on the reservation. Her town was smaller, but for the most part just as functional. The two girls made their way to the single-story brick clinic that the local medicine woman practiced at. No one was present in the lobby nor the waiting room. Celia Fireheart was sitting at a desk, looking very pretty and wise, though a bit sleepy too. She had long shiny black hair with a small bun at the back of her head, dark skin, a slim and voluptuous figure, long legs, and a pretty face with kind, knowledgeable eyes. She was wearing, as usual, a blouse (red this time), a traditional Mahíngan turquoise necklace, and long blue jeans. She nodded to Jessie.

"Jessie Ironeagle," she said with a smile. "How may I help you today?"

"This is my third really bad cramp," Jessie explained, rubbing her stomach. "It started with my last period and after that I got two cramps and some bleeding even though it wasn't my time."

Celia nodded sagely. "And you just turned sixteen, am I right?"


"It's very common among Mahíngan girls your age," Fireheart stated. "It will go away soon if normal."

Jessie sighed. "Oh, that's a relief."

Sienna plopped down into a chair and started flipping through a magazine featuring Bella Valentine on the cover. "That doesn't mean I'm gonna have the same problems when I'm sixteen, am I?" she asked.

"If you're a Mahíngan, even distantly, then it's possible," Celia said.

"Oh, great," moaned Sienna. "Just what I need."

"This is my cousin, Sienna Ricci," Jessie said. "She's...a little too used to city life to like it here."

"That's her choice," Celia said.

As much as Jessie liked Celia Fireheart, she was going to miss Gertrude Fireheart, the previous medicine woman, very much. The elderly woman had been one of the best people Jessie ever knew, and her passing had been a very mournful event. Jessie was never going to forget the marvelous stories the elder Fireheart used to tell her, which had lead her to immerse herself in the traditional culture of the Mahíngans. Celia was a good person too, but she was awfully young, only in her early twenties. She had a lot to live up to by replacing her grandmother.

"All I can recommend for now is to get some rest," Celia offered. "Your cramps should go away in time. If not, come right back to me."

"Thanks," Jessie said, her pain having faded to a dull, insistent ache.

Sienna dropped the magazine back on the table she found it on and helped Jessie move to the door. Jessie had never liked Bella Valentine; it was undeniable the woman was gorgeous, but there was something predatory in her narrow blue eyes. She was often cast as heroines, but Jessie thought there was an evil gleam to the actress.

"See you later, Jessie," Celia said. "Nice meeting you Sienna."

"Yeah, see you around," Jessie said.

"Good bye," Sienna said.

Jessie's house wasn't far from Celia's clinic. It was a red two-story building, the cars of Jessie's family and Sienna's family both parked out front. Jessie stumbled inside and made her way to her room on the second story where she flopped without any grace upon her quilted bed. Her room had a barbell set up at the other end, and a desk with her laptop next to her bed. Shelves contained her favorite books, along with one of the old fashioned 2-dimensional televisions. The stereoscopic variety was too expensive to own more than one of, and looking at the 3-dimensional pictures made Jessie's eyes hurt. Poster reproductions of classical Mahíngan art decorated the walls, depicting Mahígan warriors dressed as wolves fighting with various animals.

"Feeling better?" Sienna asked, peeking into the room.

"A little," Jessie muttered.

Sienna looked at the barbell set. "You like working out?"

"Yeah," Jessie answered. She rolled onto her back and sat up, the brown feathers of her dreamcatcher brushing the top of her head slightly. It hung from the headboard, made when she was six-years-old. Her middle still ached. She panted , trying will the pain away. Her parents had left with Sienna's parents to tour around the forest, and Jessie wasn't sure when they would be back.

Sienna nodded. "I'll leave you alone." She started to leave, stopped at the door, and turned around.

"Hey, sorry about throwing the dreamcatcher away," she said. "I'll keep it, if it makes you feel better."

Jessie smiled through her pain. "Thanks Sienna. I do feel better now."

Jessie closed her eyes as Sienna's footsteps retreated. Her body felt extremely heavy, and she wanted nothing more than to sink down into sleep.

Jessie woke up in a sweat. Her ache was back and her body was hot, like she had a raging fever. Her head pounded. Groaning, Jessie sat up and looked at her clock. 21:12. She had slept the entire day away.

The room spun around her and Jessie collapsed back into bed. She could hardly think straight. "Si-Sienna?" she moaned weakly. In the distance she thought she heard voices, but they were muffled and garbled. She could smell her sweat, the forest, the town all mixed together. The house creaked and groaned with every movement she made.

"Sienna, please get me some water..." Jessie croaked hoarsely.

Her teenaged body began to quiver, and her skin itched. She scratched about, failing to notice her nails extending into sharp points. Her downy black pubic hair began to thicken and spread over her body as jet fur. Bones cracked painfully as they were forcibly enlarged and extended, her skull changing to a narrower shape, teeth growing into fangs. Her nose and mouth filled out into a short muzzle. Ears thinned down to simple triangles. Her clothes, strained as they were from Jessie's increased height and her luscious coat of fur, were pulled to the breaking point by intense swelling in her muscles and breasts. Jessie shrieked as her body pumped up, her expanding heart working hard to supply her body with blood. From the base of her spine, a shaggy tail tore through her jeans, leg muscles bursting the sleeves. Her thin red T-shirt was pulled into a midriff-baring position by her fattening breasts, riding firm on her enhanced pectoral muscles. Her nipples stuck through the material, Jessie's pain slowly becoming pleasure as they rubbed at the cotton shirt. The sleeves exploded after failing to contain her biceps and shoulders.

Panting like a dog, Jessie stretched her arms. All of her pain had vanished, and she was not only feeling better, she felt incredible. Her body was rejuvenated and she was more aroused than she could remember. Her nipples felt like they had grown to the size of small toes, and her sex was throbbing with desire. She stomach growled, and Jessie realized she was ravenously hungry too. Really hungry for meat. She licked her chops imagining devouring hamburger after hamburger. It occurred to her that her mouth and tongue felt different, but she paid no mind.

Man, I wanna eat, but I'm so horny! I'll just relieve myself then get some dinner with Sienna.

Jessie crossed her room, noticing it looked different from before even though everything was where she left it. Her footsteps were oddly quiet too, muffled. It must have been her socks.

In the upstairs hallway she heard the television playing. Probably Sienna. Jessie sneaked into the toilet near her room and locked the door. She turned on the light and turned around...and nearly screamed. Something big and hairy was in the mirror! She whirled around, looking for the beast, but the toilet was empty except for her. She looked in the mirror and realized the beast was wearing her shirt, although it was tiny and stretched dangerously. Her own clothes felt very tight. She raised her hands, at last seeing the black furred paws and claws. Terror set in as Jessie frantically checked her arms, finding they were covered in fur too, the muscle bulging with raw power. Trying to keep calm, she approached the mirror to take a better look. Her face was a wolfish snout, covered in the soft black fur, pointy ears sticking out from what was still recognizably her hair. Her eyes were the same too, her normal brownish-gold. She ran her paws along her muzzle, astonished.

Below that, her breasts had become engorged, standing straight out with no sag, nipples swollen bigger than she ever imagined. Even through her fur, her abdominal muscles were extremely defined, chiseled to perfection like a champion bodybuilder's. A wolf tail wagged unconsciously behind her solid buttocks, her jeans pulled tight enough that every curve was visible. Checking her feet, even her toenails had become wicked curved talons.

"Holy shit!" she whispered. She paced around the small toilet, wondering what to do. Her tow claws clicked on the tile floor, but the paw pads on her feet muffled her steps.

"OK, I turned into a furry," she muttered to herself, her voice huskier. "An anthro wolf with bodybuilder muscles and porn star tits. I got sick and turned into...this. What do I do?"

She thought of Sienna seeing her as a wolf and wondered how her cousin would react. Jessie dispelled the idea immediately; her father had shown Sienna and her family where he kept the hunting rifles in case a wolf threatened them and no one else was at home. Sienna came from Atlas City, which had become a breeding ground for violent crime, so there was a very real chance Sienna knew how to use a gun. If she walked up to Sienna as a wolf Sienna might blast her full of holes. If there were more humiliating deaths than being killed by your own gun Jessie couldn't think of many.

Celia. If there was one person she might be able to count on, it would be the medicine woman. Jessie had to meet up with her. Perhaps she was suffering from a curse. Her mind felt sound, but what if she started degenerating into a wild animal?

Jessie quickly unlocked the door and crept back to her room. Shutting the door behind her, she got her mobile phone and rang for Celia. "Please pick up," she begged as the rings went off.

A click, and a voice. "This is Celia Fireheart."


"Oh, Celia! It's me, Jessie Ironeagle!" Jessie whispered. The mobile was tiny in her powerful paws. It was a struggle to hold it, especially while shaking so badly. "I need to see you! Please!"

"I understand," Celia said sympathetically. "Come by the clinic, dear. Through the back door. The door's unlocked."

"Thanks!" Jessie hissed. She closed the mobile and pried her window open. Her house was at the edge of town and surrounded by deep shadows. It struck her how many scents and odors filled the night air, the sounds of small animals and people ringing in her ears. The darkness was sharp, clear; she could see without any problem in the night. She grinned as she eased her massive frame outside, and jumped to the ground below. She landed on her feet gracefully, and she took a brief moment to pump her arms in victory.

On all fours, she scuttled off creeping behind the shadows and building. People were still walking around that night, visiting the stores and restaurants. Jessie made her way to the clinic's rear, a light shining inside. She opened the door and dashed inside.

"Celia?" she called as loudly as she dared.

"Jessie." Celia's voice came from her office. "Don't worry,we're the only ones here."

"That's good," Jessie said. "Please, don't freak out when you see this."

"I won't, I promise."

Swallowing nervously, Jessie entered the dimly-lit office.

Sitting at Celia's desk was another wolf woman, smiling broadly. She was a lighter shade than Jessie, but just barely, and seemed somewhat less muscular, but with breasts possibly even bigger than Jessie's. Her hair was shiny and black, tied into a familiar bun at the back of her head, and was wearing a turquoise necklace.

"Celia?" Jessie asked.

"Welcome to the pack, Jessie," Celia chuckled. "I had been wondering if you were going to turn out like this."

"What's going on?" Jessie demanded. "We're both wolves...?"

"Werewolves," Celia said. "I know, it's hard to believe even if you are open to our traditional ways, but all of our tribal elders, our chief, and many others in our tribe are Werewolves just like this."

Jessie's mind spun, trying to digest what she just heard. "What? I don't even..."

Celia smiled patiently. "Jessie, don't you remember what Mahíngan means in our language?"

Jessie's eyes widened with understanding. "Wolf. We're the wolf tribe."

Celia nodded. "Exactly, Jessie."

She recalled the posters she owned. "So the Mahíngan warriors didn't dress as wolves; they were wolves!"

"Right again." Celia motioned to a chair. "Please sit down. I have much to tell you."

Jessie pulled the chair to the desk and carefully sat in it, minding her new tail. "Yeah; I've got a lot of questions."

Celia stretched her lithe arms. "First off," she began, "you inherited your heritage from your mother, who's also a Werewolf. Your father's pure human though. Since you're not a full-blooded Werewolf there was a chance of you not being one, and you experienced your first transformation at sixteen. I'm a full-blooded Werewolf, so I was born in my wolf form. Ignore the films; we can't turn people into Werwolves no matter how much we bite them. You're born with it, end of story."

"Oh, that's a relief," Jessie said.

"Second," Celia continued, "we aren't restricted by a full moon. We can change at will. Third, Werewolves are only a small part of a larger group, the Fae. Other Fae are Vampires, Witches, Huyao, and Nekomata, and we all must coexist with normal humans. We form a hidden society called the Order of the Dragon, and everyone in the Mahíngan Tribe who knows about the Fae is a member."

Jessie nodded, enjoying the talk. "So what about us?" she asked. "Why are we Werewolves?"

"Ah..." Celia nodded. "The true history of our tribe. As you know, we once populated from here to where Atlas City is now, warring with our neighbors, the Kinebig Tribe. The Kinebigs would rape and sacrifice our children to what they thought was a Goddess of dreams, the three-eyed Mother of Terror. Our medicine women knew better though; it was no goddess, but a trickster from somewhere far away, an alien. She lied to the Kinebigs, telling them that she was the only true Deity and all other Deities did not serve her were her enemies, and their worshipers were to be enslaved and destroyed to please her. The Mother of Terror sent her child, the Great Worm Spirit, to the Kinebigs, where it spat out worms that burrowed into the bodies of the Kinebigs and made them into powerful monsters. We were weakened and our spirits were helpless before the Great Worm Spirit's children."

Jessie remembered seeing a museum exhibit on the extinct Kinebigs, of art depicting bloody orgies involving children presided over by a black cloud with three eyes, and sinister effigies and totems of tall leering women with a third eye in the forehead. She shuddered at the

"Then the Werewolves came. They took pity on us and fought on our behalf, knowing that the Mother of Terror didn't belong to this world and her presence polluted it. They taught us their ways of being at one with Earth and how we needed to protect it. Working together we weakened the Kinebigs and were able to keep our two tribes in balance for centuries. During that time, we intermingled with the Werewolves and became one people united in defense of our land and freedom.

"Our final victory came with the arrival of the European settlers. Protestants fleeing England for religious freedom, as well as human Mages looking to practice their magic in secrecy. came to Massachusetts. They were initially suspicious and hostile to both us and the Kinebigs, but when a man, Reverend Jethro Baker, noticed that his parish was dwindling, he discovered them in a cannibal feast with the Kinebigs, feasting on children and worshiping the Mother of Terror instead of the Christian God. The Great Worm Spirit had begun to infect the white people too. Convinced only the Mahíngans could help the white colony, Baker formed an alliance with us to wipe out the Kinebigs once and for all. Even the secret Mages from Baker's colony stepped up to help, and after a terrible raid one night, we succeeded in obliterating the Kinebigs and trapping the vile children of the Great Worm Spirit in the caves beneath their land. The white men were grateful, and promised peaceful relations, agreeing to keep our secrets from the other settlers."

Jessie listened, fascinated. The real history was much more dramatic than "the Mahíngans gave food to the hungry white men and they became friends" as had been taught in school.

"Our relationship was nearly ended by the rise of Reginald Clifford and his Clifford Mining and Logging Corporation," Celia continued. "Clifford ignored the warnings about the former Kinebig lands being cursed and started mining there. Soon after he acquired an interest in the Kinebigs, claiming it was barbarous that they were exterminated. He stirred public opinion against the Mahíngans. Ultimately no violence broke out, but we lost a good deal of land and came to live on this reservation. Clifford Mining and Logging Corporation went on to become Tofuture, Inc., and the current owner, Noland Clifford, is now the highest-ranking pure human in the Order of the Dragon."

"How did that happen?" Jessie asked.

"I assume he found something from our former lands that was extremely valuable to the Order of the Dragon," Celia said. "I don't know for sure, but I'm positive it can't be good. It might even be the Great Worm Spirit itself."

She looked gravely at Jessie. "I must admit," she said, "that I don't support the Order of the Dragon. They keep us protected, but there's no way their 'Masquerade' can stay up much longer in this era of miniature cameras and Internet videos. If humans accidentally find us they're going to react badly. I believe the Fae should reveal themselves to the humans and create a new world. It won't be easy, but at least we can prepare humans for the shock."

Jesssie grinned and nodded. "Yeah, I wanna do that too! Who do I talk to about that?"

"You want 'Les Gardienes Émeraudes'," Celia explained. "We believe that that the support and worship of our planet is the way to saving it and to coexist with the humans. I'll introduce you to some friends of mine another time."

Jessie's eyes lit up. She had always dreamed of being part of something important, of having a purpose. She finally had one, and it felt great.

Smiling, Celia left her desk and approached Jessie. Jessie looked up at her, and was surprised to see a longing in Celia's eyes. She stroked Jessie's muscular arm, her claws running lightly over the soft fur. Jessie's skin tingled every place Celia touched.

"You're undoubtedly a warrior, Jessie," Celia purred. "The strongest, most powerful of all Fae is a raging Werewolf warrior. I've always admired warrior Werewolves, male and female..."

Jessie returned a languid smile, and flexed her right arm, the bicep rising into a mountain. "You like this?" she asked. She flexed her left arm and grinned. "I always loved weight training, but I never thought I'd end up like this!"

Celia kissed the raised biceps, then pressed a soft kiss to Jessie's lips. Jessie had never kissed another girl before, but it was filling her with an unknowable joy. Celia in that moment was the most beautiful woman alive and she wanted her more than anything.

Celia pulled her shirt off and dropped it to the floor before she leaned into Jessie, breasts pushing together. Jessie leaned her head back and let out a long, joyful howl as Celia began to lick her lovingly.

"Sure you don't wanna come back?"

Sienna nodded. "Yeah. Thanks for the tour, but...I'm just not a Mahíngan." They were walking to Sienna's family's car, Sienna's family ready to leave. "I'm gonna move from Atlas City to Willowton though, so I guess that means I'll be closer to you."

Nodding, Jessie smiled with understanding. "Hey, I shouldn't try to push you. Live your life your own way, you know? And tell me how Willowton is!"

Sienna smiled weakly. "Yeah." Her vanished just as quickly as it came, as she studied Jessie's figure. "Hey, did your boobs grow overnight? You look as big as Bella Valentine."

Jessie grinned. "Mahíngan girls tend to be pretty well-endowed," she said. "It was just my turn to bloom."

Sienna raised an eyebrow but smiled in a bemused way. "Well, maybe I inherited that much," she said.

"You might have inherited a few other things," Jessie said cryptically. "We'll see when you turn sixteen."

"Erm, yeah, maybe." Sienna waved good-bye and got in the backseat. Jessie and her family waved back to the Ricci family, and watched the car leave. Jessie grinned. "Gonna check something out!" she told her parents, and sped off down into the woods. Safely away from prying eyes, she stripped off her clothes as she ran and willed her new wolf form forth. In a second she was bounding on all fours and reached a cliff overlooking the road. She spotted the Ricci family car coming down the road. As it neared, she moved forward and let out a loud howl. It was only for a second, but the stunned look on Sienna's face was completely worth it.

Laughing, Jessie gathered her clothes back up and strolled back to the clinic to see how Celia was doing.

This is gonna be a very interesting new life!


The end

Author's note: I did not mean it at the time, but this has turned out to be a companion story to my earlier "Witch Girl Akiko". Both were written the commemorate Halloween and involved a young girl discovering her Fae heritage. I should do a Vampire story too.

So, Jessie Ironeagle was a character I came up with around December 2010, but I was not sure what to do with her until I came up with the idea to write a Werewolf story. She changed considerably since her initial conception, most notably in that she was not originally a Werewolf. I greatly enjoy how she ultimately turned out, much like Akiko did. Maybe these two will meet each other. I need more heroic Fae characters to introduce, so I hope to write more Fae stories.

I removed a number of ideas I had because I did not want to work so long on this. First was Jessie's parents. Originally they were going to burst in on Jessie after she first transformed, and Jessie would see that her mother was transformed too. They were initially going to explain the Werewolf process to her then. I decided to have a minimal amount of characters and did not mention them much. I then considered a lengthy sex scene between Celia and Jessie, but backed off since I was not sure how readers would react to two Werewolves having sex in wolf form. I could imagine readers being very turned-off by that. If you want to see such things then tell me so I can consider it in future works.

That is all I have to say this time. I hope you enjoyed this short piece and like the new characters. Have a happy Halloween!