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Eight years earlier.

"Are you really going there?" A little girl exclaimed again for the umpteenth time. With red ribbons in her dark brown hair that matches the one on her dress, she swung her legs up and down on the side on the bed of her best friend. Her huge green eyes shone with excitement as she stared at the open closet door that her friend had swung open.

"Yes!" a little's boy's voice called out from the closet, sighing as he obviously answered again.

"Is really going to be great there? My daddy said that only the best spies graduate there. Only the best," She repeated the words her father had said at the end, nodding to herself with the seriousness that only a seven year old can muster.

"Of course it's only the best!"

A seven year old boy stepped out of the closet, his teddy bear that he was found in hand. His blonde hair shone in the room's light as he stepped out and there was a hint of annoyance and tiresome in his young brown eyes. He walked across the room to his open suitcase sitting next to her on the bed and placed the teddy, the most prized possession of a seven year old, into the suitcase.

"Did your mommy buy all the books on the list? Is it true that they are going to teach us our tables now? Do you think the teachers there are mean because my daddy said he hated one of the teachers. Let's hope he's not there." She asked as she bounced up and down on the bed, excitement in her eyes. It seems like she didn't notice the wary expression on her friend's face.

The boy sighed, trying to calm himself before he runs screaming to his mommy. With his hands on his hips, he looked up at her excited face and answered each of her questions separately, careful not to let his irritation into his voice.

"Yes my mommy bought all the books and a few more for me to practice reading. Of course they are going to teach us our tables now, it's a special school for a reason and I hope there won't be any mean teachers there but if there is I'll ask my daddy for advice. He went there too, you know."

"I wish I can go…" The little girl said on a little dreamy sigh, a hopeful expression on her face as she continued to swing her legs.

"Of course you can't go." The boy said indignantly. "It's a boy school and you are not a boy."

"I know I'm not a boy!" she snapped. "But don't you think there should be a spy school for girls too?"

That comment somehow managed to make him laugh. "Girls can't spy," the boy replied in a haughty tone, after he sobered. "Everybody knows that only boys can do it. And besides, boys are better than girls."

"They are not! I can spy better than you!"

"No you can't!"

"Yes I can!"

"Then what is a sugar coated smile and hand shake manoeuvre do then?"

"I … I don't know. But that's not the point. I will know when I learn it!"

"See, you have to learn to know," the boy sneered. Even though it was his best friend he was sneering at, he had to defend his gender. It was in the genetic code. "I don't. You are dumb."

"I am not dumb!" The girl screeched her throat tightening as a spike like feeling prodded the back of her eyes. She was not going to cry. Not here in front of him.

"No," he said with a shrug as he walked to the opposite side of the bed. "You're dumb cow!"

"Am not!"

"Think whatever you want," the boy said as he closed his suit case with a feign maturity. "But I'm going to Watson's Boys Academy in the end, are you?"

And with that, he hauled his suitcase off the bed and walked out of his room head held high as he bellowed to his parents that he is ready to go.

While unbeknownst to that little boy, the little girl still standing there in his room was seething. Her little hands were fisted up into tiny balls shaking as her eyes narrowed dangerously low at the doorway that her friend had walked through. She clenched and unclenched her hands with ferocity that would scare an adult and continued to glare at the doorway. Tears glistened in her eyes, threatening to flow but she held it back.

It was an amazing feat for a seven year old.

For a few moments, she stood there in the room, trying to calm down. She didn't want to be like the other little girls who cried to their mommy's all the time. That was a sign of weakness and she was anything but weak. Her father taught her better.

Taking another gulp of air, she wiped her eyes with the back of her fists as she heard the sound of her friend dragging his suit case down the stairs.

She will prove to him that she does have what it takes to be a spy and she will get into that school no matter what.

And she did.

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