Damn you, Writer's Block. If it weren't for you, I would have several stories finished by now. I hate that instead of words, you give me a blank sheet of paper and an overdose of frustration. You wouldn't mind moving out of my head, would you?

Each day, I produce new thoughts, new scenarios in the abyss of my mind. I'll fetch a pen and paper, ready to get busy, but you stand in my way. The characters, my "imaginary friends", and fictional souls I've created get bored in their abode known as my head and would love to make them known, so would you please stop standing in front of their door?

Also, I tend to thing better when my creative juices are allowed to flood my paper.

Writers all over the world suffer at your hand. Every year we distribute fresh ways to avoid you such as listen to music, read another book, and take a walk, and the infamous write naked. I've tried them all, including the last, but they are not always convenient for the places I may be at or the situations I'm in. Should I join a nudist colony for your sake?

Tell me, Writer's Block, do you want me to somehow develop multiple personality's disorder? You should know that I morphed into several different characters over the years; it's bound to happen. Next thing you know, I'll be five years older, with a fancy name and purple hair. Or a mother to twelve kids. Or even worse, that cat lady down the street. If I'm not allowed to write them down, unsure of where to start, then it will soon all go to my head. Are you that low?

Though I realize this whole note contradicts itself, please find another mind to feast off of. Matter of fact, I think I speak for all writers, authors, and even those who enjoy a good book every now and then, when I say that you should just go die in a hole. I beg of you. Stop being the nomad that you are, jumping from mind to mind, not having anywhere to live.

Comes to show how low you are, keeping me from writing about other things to write about you. Stop trying to convince me that my characters serve better in my head, because when they are on paper "it kills the trees". Stop trying to disguise yourself as an activist.

So please, Writer's Block, may I have my mind back?

Thanks for reading! I would love to know what you think :)