Don't Look

Close your eyes, little child
Don't open at the sound
Listen to my scathing heartbeat
Don't you whisper, nor turn around

Liking darkness, inking blackness
Turn away to stay strong
This world is full of madness
Don't worry, I won't be long

All you need do, child
Is stay in this crook
And remember, my little child
That you must never look

Writhing, he walks
Away and goodbye
To a child yearning swiftly
For a small, cheapened lie

Running and raining
It's all in good cheer
Wishing and hoping
That he shouldn't hear

Bang, bang against the walls
Of decrepit alleyways
A broken bloody body
Has seen better days

Creeping back, loving well
The bricks of heresy
Still and sobbing restless
Next to a corpse in a red sea

Blood like finger paint
Eyes like cold stone
Why did my lovely angel
Leave me so alone?

Silence, a heartbeat
An angel's closed eyes
Blackened soundbeat, red on concrete
The little child cries