2. Scavenger Hunt

I walked into the library with Peter. He walked into the area full of Medical books. I scoffed in disgust. I hated medicine…too bad Peter wanted to study that. I was forced to study Psychology.

"I hate libraries…" I whispered. "They remind me of high school."

"You make it sound like if it was a long time ago." he said as he grabbed a Medicine book out of the shelf.

"That's because it was."

He paused, "Dude, it's only been three years."

"I still hate this shit hole."

Peter laughed, "Oh, so now it's a shit hole!"

I chuckled, "A little bit, yes…"

Peter smiled and went back to looking for his books. "You've changed since high school." He said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I remembered when you loved school and you never cared about anything that didn't involve a party…and now you hate school and you hate everything that involves loud noises or part-"

Peter was interrupted by a loud three second sound. "Ugh, I hate that soun-"

"Shut up, it's a message from Quinn."

"Like if I cared for what she said…"

He glared at me, "Just Shut Up and listen!"

I turned to face one of the dozens of screens all around the library. I looked at Quinn. Her face, exactly like a fifteen year olds. She wore white makeup all over her face and neck. Her lips were painted black and so was under her eyes. Her hair reached her shoulders and I noticed pink highlights on random parts of her hair and bangs. She wore a black silk sweater and a silver necklace with a diamond on the middle.

She smiled broadly, "Hello, my dear mortals, it's me again, Quinn…your goddess and creator."

"I wonder how many years she's raffling this year." Peter whispered, keeping his eyesight on the screen.

"I dunno, I'm guessing ten." I muttered.

"This year I have decided to make a raffle much different from all others…Me and my assistant, Leo Lubbich, have come up with the idea of hiding a chip containing a massive amount of years of life on some random part of the world. Now, you may think that I'm raffling twenty to forty years of life," She chuckled, "My beloved humans, one hundred years doesn't even reach the number of years the chip contains." She fixed her sideway bangs, "Me and my subordinate have decided to hide the chip containing one million years, somewhere around the world. I will not give any clues to anyone. The lucky person will not only obtain one million years of life, no, the lucky winner will also become the Ruler of their country."

Peter gasped, "She has to be kidding…" He said surprised. My eyes widened in shock. One million years hidden somewhere around the world? One Million Years?

Quinn smiled again, "You may find this hard to believe but, trust me, this is no joke…I will assure you all, that the Scavenger Hunt will begin tonight during midnight. Anyone who decides to start before twelve o' clock will be punished and forbidden to participate in the game. Before I leave, I wish luck to all participants and I'll see you when you win…" She finished and all telegraph screens disappeared.

"This is amazing." I muttered. I raised my voice, "I'm in." I said excited.

Peter looked down, "I'm not…"

"Why?" I asked.

"Because it's not worth it, face it Alex, what are the chances of anyone finding those one million years…I bet they're not even hidden here in the U.S., so what's the point?"

I chuckled, "I don't care I'm still gonna look for those one million years."

"Well," Peter patted my back, "Good luck, buddy." He grabbed another Medicine book and walked away.

"Great, I'm on my own now…" I muttered.

"Oh my god, I can't believe it! One Million years!" Seth said excited. Scarlett sat beside him with her arm wrapped around his. I frowned.

"Have you guys ever thought that this may be a joke?" said Scarlett laying her head on Seth's shoulder.

"I really think it's not…I mean, if it was, would she have the guts to announce it in over one hundred languages?" I said drinking from my cup of tea.

Scarlett smiled, "You're right."

"So, Scar, are you in or not?" Seth asked.

"Yeah, I'm so in…" She said as she grabbed my hand and Seth's. If her goal was to make me look like a fool, well, she did an awesome job.

"So, what? Are we leaving during midnight?" I asked looking away.

Seth nodded, "We have to think of a way too because heard the mistress saying that she wasn't releasing us until tomorrow at nine."

I looked at Seth, "Well, that isn't so bad…"

Seth gave me an are-you-serious look, "Nine at night." He drank from his cappuccino, "Besides, I'm not the type of people that likes wait. Also, the earlier we start the better chances we've got." He continued.

"What makes you think we'll ever find it?" I asked out of curiosity.

He chuckled, "Dude, my father is the Ruler of one of the most powerful countries in existence, what makes you think I won't find them."

"Your full of yourself." I muttered.

He laughed, "And since when has that become a surprise?"

I smiled. Scarlett chuckled and looked over to Seth, "You're amazing." She whispered. Seth smiled and kissed her. I placed my hand behind my neck and looked away. I felt the Chip. The Chip that counted down to my last moment of living. It had not started ticking yet, mostly because I'm twenty-one, but once I turned twenty-five my time would start and there was nothing stopping it from finishing the seventy-five years.

We stood up from our table and started walking to our classes, "Where are you going?" I asked Seth. He looked at me, "Criminal Justice…I hate it but, it's what my dad wants…" He said as he pulled out his iPod. "Remember, tonight at midnight we're leaving."

Scarlett and I nodded. "But…where are we going to meet?" I asked.

"At the cafeteria's coffee shop, but, be warned, there's camera's everywhere so be careful where you go."

"Okay but, why the cafeteria's coffee shop?"

"It's the only place without a camera."

"Oh, okay."

We reached the criminal justice hallway. He looked at us, "Don't chicken out, and please come." He begged. We both nodded. He smiled and waved at me then kissed Scarlett. I rolled my eyes. "Bye." We both said.

He both waved and he walked away.

I turned to Scarlett, "So, um, you're ready to go to Psychology?" She nodded and smiled. We both started walking to that stupid class. I sighed, knowing that this would be my only moment alone with her.

-End Of Chapter-