I Blame Barbie

I suppose if I'm going to blame anyone

I blame Barbie

Okay so I get it

She's a kid's toy

A freaking kid's toy for Pete's sake

I bet you think I should be blaming



Anorexic Models (although it's not really their faults)

Anorexic Models in magazines


TV shows depicting the perfect girl

Who isn't over one hundred pounds

Or at least she's close to that number

TV shows that show

That stuff that makes girls like me

Want to crawl away and cry

But you know

Barbie was the first

Sure those other things make you feel like crap

But think of it like this

We're giving our little girls

A doll

A doll that if she were human

Would have boobs like watermelons

And a waist the size of my pencil

Our little girls learn

From an early age

That skinny with big boobs

Is beauty

That a buff boyfriend

Is expected

And let's not forget just how scantily clad she is

Have you seen how short that skirt is

If it were a human skirt

On a human girl

My underwear would be longer

And don't get me started on her shirts

How much of Barbie's boobs can we show

Without actually showing them

And we wonder why girls are the way they are

So yeah

I can blame TV

I can blame Models

Or at least the people who "perfect" the models

I can blame society

And I do

I blame all of them

But think about it

What did we give our little girls

Not Mtv

Not magazines with skinny models

We gave them Barbies

And we gave them a false look at what perfection

Really is

And perfection is not

An oversized chest

Long blond hair (unless you are blond, just stay that way)

The tiniest waist (which isn't bad, but you don't have to aim for it)

And let's not forget she has to be six feet (even if tall girls are cool)

I want a doll

That is an A cup

That has short brown hair

And the average waist

And isn't depicted as a twelve year old

I want a model

Who is at minimum one hundred and sixty pounds

With a genuine smile

And a real face

I want a TV show

That shows me someone I can base my life after

And I won't end up

In prison


Or rebelling against my parents

I want to look in the mirror and say

"You're beautiful, just the way you are"

But I can't

I can't because

I'm not skinny

I hair the color of mud

I haven't even reached five feet yet

I don't have perfect skin

And let's just say

I really wouldn't look good

In any of Barbie's clothes

I could blame magazines

I could blame models

But I blame Barbie

Why wouldn't I