Summary: Sahara has always been like her mother but secretly a daddy's girl. Since her mom left her at her father's house she realized that he replaced her and thats when everything change. She became a party girl who doesn't give a fuck. But she needs to stop before she ends up killing herself or someone killing her. Can the new family living with them help her or will it be too late?

Blame it on the goose Got you feeling loose
Blame it on Patron Got you in the zone
Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol
Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol
Blame it on the vodka Blame it on the henny
Blame it on the blue top Got you feeling dizzy
Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol
Blame it on the a a a a a a alcohol
~Blame It by Jamie Foxx

It is better to be hated for who you are, then to be loved for someone you are not. ~Andre Gide

Chapter 1: Partying Gets Me Hated


Its fun and exciting.

Its beautiful and sexy.

I swayed my body to the music. The beat was loud and you could barely understand the words. Maybe since I'm drunk and stoned that my sense of hearing has gone for the time being.

"Lets go upstairs." A rugged voice whispers in my ear.

I nodded automatically and we headed up stairs.

When I'm high and drunk I'm so horny and willing. Its stupid but I can't help myself. Its in my blood.

Like I believe that. I'm just a stupid teen like my step-mother says. Bitch.

"Here's a room."

My fuzzy eyes focus on a man with dark-ish light hair. Its almost like dark sand or vanilla ice cream when it falls in mud or some dark stuff.

He looks at me with his deep dark blue eyes that make me want him even more. I move closer to him as we walk into the dim room. Before I know it the doors shut and hes on me again.

His hands tear at my clothes and send jolts through my body. Oh god!

I rip his shirt off and start unbuckling his jeans.

With all those jolts soon turn into routine and it gets boring. Soon everything just fades and you can't even remember until you wake up naked by yourself the next morning.

This time wasn't anything different.

"Sahara! Where have you been?" A high pitched voice screamed making me wince as the pounding in my head worsened.

I ignored Cindy, my step mother, and continued inside only glancing around before going straight to my room.

I smiled as I saw my nice big bed waiting for me. I took off my shoes then quickly took of my jeans. I climbed in my bed and grabbed my blanket that was bundled up near me.

I turned on my side and let my eyes shut ready to be in a deep sleep.

"Who are you?" A mumbled voice asked.

I made a 'Mm' noise too tired to be bothered by anything or anyone.

"I'm Damien."

I let out a deep breath and turned over to face the irritation. Can't they see that all I want to do is sleep?

"Sahara. Now sleep." I whispered not once opening my eyes.

"What?" The voice seemed louder and deep.

"My name's Sahara. Sleep now."

The talking stopped and I was almost in a deep sleep when I felt a arm wrap around my waist and pull me close.I made a weird noise before I fell into a dreamless sleep.

Yawning, I stretched before opening my eyes.

My room was pitch black. Everything was quite except for the light snoring. I frowned at that. Snoring? No one that lives here snores.I shrugged it off thinking that my mind was still fucked up.

Turning to move I felt a weight on my waist keeping me in place. I groaned and moved around before I felt the weight gone. I snuggled under my blanket, closed my eyes before my door slammed opened.

"Sahara! Get up!" My father yelled.

I groaned and turned back over.


"I'm up!" I yelled a little irritated.

"Then get up."

I turned away and started to fall asleep when the blanket was dragged off of me.

I sat up, "What the fuck?"

I glared angrily at my father when he glanced to my left.

"Why is Damien in here?" My father asked calmly.

The fuck? "Who is Damien?"

My father glared and pointed to my side. I glanced and saw some guy slowly waking up.

"How the fuck am I supposed to know?"

"Maybe since hes in your bed with you!" My father yelled and glared at me.

I gritted my teeth, "So? I didn't bring him home and put him in my bed!"

My father and I glared at each other until someone cleared their throat.

"Excuse me. Cindy told me that I could stay in here for the night since you guys were airing out my room."

I looked away from Damien and stared at my father who rubbed the back of his neck and walked out yelling out Cindy's name. I fell on my back and let out a breath. I hated arguing in the morning. It pretty much meant that the rest of the day was going to be bad.

Getting out of bed I stretched and walked into my bathroom. When I got the water to the perfect temperature I turned back to Damien, who was staring at me. I smirked and looked him over.

He had black hair, emerald green eyes, and a muscular tan body that was perfect. He was so sexy.

"Care to join me?" I asked him.

His eyes snapped up to mine.

"N-no," he stuttered and sat up with his back facing me. I shrugged. Maybe hes gay.

I quickly undressed and took a quick shower.

I pulled a white towel around me and stepped out of the bathroom to find my room completely empty. Changing, I through on a pair of jean shorts and a white tank top with a shape of a hand on it with the middle finger up outlined in black. I ran the brush through my hair before throwing it up in a messy bun. I grabbed the towel off the floor and walked in my bathroom. I through the towel in the laundry basket and turned to the mirror. I put on my deodorant and then brushed my teeth.

I put on some finishing touches and headed downstairs where some people were talking about the weather. What a bore. Talking about the weather basically every morning.

"Sahara that shirt is in appropriate."

I shrugged and grabbed a cup of milk. I hoped on the stool and opened my purse to take out my phone.

"Where were you last night young lady?" My father asked as everyone else chatted happily.

"Having sex." My voice was monotone as I got a text from my boyfriend.

hey babe we need 2 tlk meet me at 12 at my house

"Sahara! We do not use that language in my house!"

k meet u there. can u bring some beverages?

I set my phone down after replying and glanced at the clock. Only 10:30.

"Sahara! Are you even listening to me!" My father yelled.

I glanced at him, "No but your probably saying the same thing you always do."

I finished my milk and rinsed it out in the sink.

"Why cant you be more like your si-"

I cut my dad off, "Yea yea yea I got it. I'm leaving now."

"No your not. You have to help with the work."

I turned with my purse in hands and glared.

"You never need my help. Why do you need it now?"

My dad ran a hand through his greying hair, "We have guest so we'll need more help."

"Why don't you just make them help since we didn't need help until they came." I snapped.

"Sahara! Stop being so damn rude! They are going to help but Cindy won't be here to help out around the house and there's a baby who needs to be taken care of."

I glanced and saw Damien, a girl, and a baby all sitting and eating. Cindy stood there hands on her hips nodding at what my father was saying.

"Where's Cindy going to be?"

My phone vibrated with a text from Oliver.

Yea bring some pot k babe

"Working in the barn."

I nodded as I sent a quick text back to Oliver.

"So you have Cindy, yourself, and Damien working out in the field or barn. Then you can have that girl take care of the baby and clean up the house. See it all works out for everyone."

"Its not that simple!" Cindy snapped.

I glared at her, "Why the fuck not?"

Everyone went silent as Damien mumbled something.

"What was that?" I asked irritated.

"Shes in a fucking wheel chair Sahara!" My dad snapped.


"So what? She can still do the dishes and vacuum. Her arms aren't broken!" I snapped.

I saw her eyes widen in surprise as everyone reaction was to stare at me.

"Sahara..." Cindy started before turning and apologizing for my behavior.

"That was uncalled for."

I rolled my eyes and muttered 'drama queens' under my breath.

"Just because shes in a wheel chair doesn't mean she can't do normal fucking stuff like everyone else."

I headed for the door when a hand grabbed mine. I was turned around and the baby was shoved into my arms. I held the baby boy arms length away. His big green eyes stared into mine curiously.

"What am I supposed to do with him?" I asked as everyone stared at me like I was stupid. What? I've never held a baby or took care of one. So what. I'm not babysitter or mother material.

"Take care of him. You know feed, entertain him and that stuff."

"I'm going out and he sure as hell can't come."

My father stared at me, "Where are you going?"


"No. You need to get rid of him and grow up."

I sat the baby down, "Whatever."

I hoped in my black jeep and drove away. I shoved in my Alesana Cd and turned the volume up.

I sent a text to Joey telling him I what I needed.

"Hey Joey!" I ran and jumped into his arms.

"Hey Sahara!" He mimicked me as we walked inside. His mimicking sucked and his voice got all squeaky.

Joey was a the only black guy around in this stupid town but he was fucking amazing and always had some friend down here.

"Joe whats got you all excited and squeaky?" A voice yelled from the kitchen.

"The love of his life is here!" I shouted back and giggled when Joey shot me a dirty look.

"Don't think Tara will like that."

A boy with braids stood leaning against the door frame. He had hazel eyes and light brown skin. I let my eyes travel over his sexy body. God he was so fuckin' sexy!

I glanced back at his face and saw him smirking at me.

"Names Sean."

I smiled and walked around him, "Your sexy."

"I know."

I rolled my eyes. Someone has a big ego.

I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sipped from it.

"Where are you from?"


"Thats awesome. I've always wanted to go there."

Sean shrugged, "Its not as great as it seems."

I frowned before taking another sip from my beer. Probably a reason behind it.

"You aren't going to ask why or try to get "closer" with me?"

"No. We don't know each other well enough to go through our past."

He raised a one eyebrow a talent I always wished I had.

"You, a white girl, got problems?"

I shrugged and watched as Joe came back in the room.

"Here thats going to be fifty."

I opened my bag and grabbed a couple twenties and a ten and handed them to him.

"Thanks Joey!" I said tossing the empty beer can in the trash bin. I gave Joey a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"I'll see you later."

"Where you goin'?"

"Oliver's he wants to talk."I rolled my eyes.

"When are you going to leave him?"

I shrugged, "Probably today. With everything thats happened, today seems like the day."

I glanced at the clock and saw I had ten minutes before I had to be at Oliver's.

"Joey, I have to go now before I'm late. Oliver will freak."

"Yeah, come over when your finished."

"Kay, see you then."

I walked to the door when I remembered Sean. Quickly turning and walking over to Sea, I gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Bye Sean."

I smiled at his confused face and left.

I walked in Oliver's house and saw him sitting on the couch drinking a beer.

"Hey baby." I set my stuff down and walked over to him. I gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"Hey," he grumbled. He turned the t.v off and turned to face me. Instead of some small talk he got straight to the point.

"Did you ever cheat on me since we've been together?"


Oliver frowned, "When?"

"Last night was the only time."

I took out the weed and got out his bong.

"Why'd you do it?" His word slurred together. He must have been drinking before I got here.

"Because I was tired of you always cheating on me all the time."

I put the bong up to my mouth and lit up the weed breathing it in. I passed it to Oliver as he did the same.

I held it in for a long time and let it out slowly.

"I-i didn't realize you never cheated on me until last night. I thought that a girl like you would of been cheating on me the whole time so I did the same to you. I'm sorry."

He finished off the pot in the bong. We sat in silence for a while until we both were high.

"I know but it hurt." I laughed. My mood was already improving. I was happy.

He smiled and laughed to. "So is this the end for us?"

"Maybe as boyfriend/girlfriend but we could be friends or fuck buddies."

Oli laughed and nodded, "I like the second one."

Oli leaned over and kissed me and I returned it.

"One last time as girlfriend/boyfriend."

I grabbed my bag before looking in the mirror. Ok I look good. It doesn't look like I have just had sex.

"Leaving all ready?" Oli's slurred his words.

"Yeah. Have places to be."

He nodded and went back to sleep. I looked at my phone and saw that I had three text messages.

The first one from was from Joey.

U wanna go 2 a party 2nite

Parting sounds like a good thing for tonight

yea i'll b at ur place soon

The second one was from Ally.

Hey chica! I miss u tons! I'll b visiting soon! So lets get 2gether ;)

I laughed out loud as I headed out the door to my car.

Sure babe. Make sure 2 b ready. I've been so horny without you XD

The third one was from an unknown number.

Hey its Katie. ur dad wants u home.

I ignored her message and started heading to Joey's house. I blasted some music as I ran the stop sign. Hopefully Joey has some of my clothes I left at his house. I want to change before I go partying. I pulled up in his driveway and turned the car off.

O.0 someones been abstinent since I've been gone? I'll make sure u can't walk for a week XD

I smiled and headed in the house.

u wish girly & someones been practicing then ;) lol

"Sahara, can you get ready quickly? We need to leave now."

I saw Joey standing there with a blank look. I nodded and went to his bedroom. His room was small with a bed shoved in the corner, a dresser and a night stand. I opened the the closet and started looking through some of my clothes.

I think I'll wear a dress tonight.

I grabbed my purple dress and quickly changed. This dress was perfect. It looked like there was a knot on the front but it emphasized my boobs which were already big but it made them look good. Then the dress flowed. it looked amazing and felt good too.

I grabbed a pair of silver high heels that where nothing special. I put on a silver necklace that had a half moon with a flower on it. Then I grabbed a silver bracelet from my purse and put it on my left wrist.

Brushing my hair I decided to leave it down. I walked to the mirror and checked myself out. I looked okay. If I had more time it could of been better. Eh, not trying to impress anyone.

Its time to party!

Author's note:

I don't promote doing drugs, drinking, or anything like that. This is just something my character in the story does.

Tell me what you think. Good? Bad? Love it? Needs work?

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