Your tears on my heart,

They're like henna.

They'll stain me now but as time goes by, I'll grow stronger.

My memories get weaker and weaker till I can't feel them anymore.

Your lies that are killing me slowly,

They're like henna.

They'll decorate me till I can't recognise myself…

The lies distracting me and blurring my eyes.

But one day, one day, I'll wake up and know the truth so that I'm not fixed at zero.

I'll redesign me.

Your lips on mine,

They're like henna.

They'll stain my memories; they'll look and feel nice…but nothing lasts forever.

Nothing so make-believe, not matter how hard you wish, will never be real.

Those lips may not love me but other lips will.

Your pretence in front of me,

It's like henna.

It'll look good but even the best fade like teardrops in the wind.

I may fall for the act, follow you into the deep but step off the stage…

Because I spy with my eyes a fallen actor.

Our fallen life,

It's like henna.

At the start it may mean the world but now in the ruins I can see what it really is, a lie.

Desperately heartbroken now but if time will let me, I can explore a new world.