by: Kay

Bitch don't even try and start bull shit

I answered one of your lights when you were ONE ROOM AWAY

Only reason I didn't change the lady is AR who is USUALLY on that hall said you and her were going there next and would get her

Not to worry about it

I offered to get the lady and AR refused the help

How many times have you answered someone else's lights?

Not when they were one room away

What did you do when that happened?

You didn't change the person or whatever they needed, no you went and told them that so and so want's this, needs that, rather than help them and the resident out and do it

How many times?

I can think of at least three or four times that you have done that as a float when I've been there

You said I had a b ad attitude…whatever

Well you know what your attitude has SUCKED since I met you and worse since this 'light issue' so GROW UP and act like a professional

Since I work certain halls nearly EXCLUSIVELY than take what I say about those individuals as gospel truth and shut the fuck up