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Summary: Haydee is a junior in high school. Lately her life has been slipping right out of her control. Ever since her mother left to save herself things have taken a turn for the worst. Her father's and brother's abuse is now directed at her. She has the pressure of being a lesbian and having a homophobic friend weighing down on her shoulders. On top of that she has to deal with the daily pressures of being a teenager. What will happen when she finally confess her sexuality? Will her friend be able to handle it or abandon her despite their many years of friendship? Where does the new girl fit in all of this?

Thank you to my beta: Nekobouya

Chapter One

The high-school girl sat in the uncomfortable chair, completely enthralled with the story splayed out in front of her. Her blue eyes scanning the words carefully, amazed with Beowulf. It was safe to say, this story would be stuck in her head for a while.

She felt a light tap on her leather-jacketed shoulder, and lifted her head slowly, disliking having to disconnect from battle against Grendel... She moved her jet-black hair from her eyes, smiling when she saw her best-friend staring down at her.

"Haydee!" the brunette said exasperatedly. "I know how much of a nerd you are but seriously class ended like two minutes ago! You're gonna be late." She chuckled when the bewildered expression crossed the girl's face as she frantically looked at the near empty classroom before jumping up to her feet.

"Crap! Thanks!" she said hurriedly. She scrambled to plow everything into her bag, annoyed and upset at the fact she was going to be late to class. She was never late, just the thought of it made her anxious.

Flashing Ronnie a grateful smile, she walked briskly out of the classroom, hoping the bell wouldn't ring on her before she made it to class.

The hallways remained crowded as usual and, only feeling slightly bad, she pushed people out of her way desperately wanting to get to class.

She let out a sigh of relief when the bell rang just as she stepped foot into the room; her teacher only offering her a raised eyebrow, motioning her to her seat.

Blushing profoundly, she ducked her head and sat down in the last seat in the front row of the class.

Physics was like heaven to a science geek like her, but today she couldn't bring herself to focus on the lecture.

She rubbed her wrist gingerly, the feeling of hopelessness falling on her heart once more. She sighed as she doodled in her notebook, her thoughts running to last night.

'No! Don't think about it! Not here…not now. Don't taint the only place that brings you some semblance of peace…' she closed her eyes, breathing in deeply.

The bell rang once more, signaling the end of another school day. She gathered her stuff slowly, waiting for the rest of the class to pile out as she usually did. She looked up at her teacher, smiling gently.

"Miss. Milagros, do you have a second?" Her teacher asked as he erased the blackboard; the teen fixed her bag on her shoulder.

"Sure…um what is this about?" she asked, guessing it was probably about her lack of attention in class.

"I noticed you did not listen to a word of today's lesson. That is not like you. You are one of my brightest students. Is something bothering you? Anything you need to discuss?" He looked at her, a gentle caring look in his wise eyes. He moved from behind his desk to the front of it.

"No." 'Yes' she sighed, she didn't need this now. "I am fine, Mr. Turow. I just had a lot on my mind today but I promise it won't happen again."

Mr. Turow didn't believe her story. His experience with life letting him know that there was more going on than she let on. He nodded at her anyway, knowing if he pushed too hard she would never seek him or anyone for help should she ever need it.

"Okay, if you are sure. One more thing; tomorrow is the first Science Club meeting of this year. I need you to develop a speech to give to the new members and plan out what the activity is going to be. Bring me a list of all the materials you will need first thing in the morning."

Haydee closed her eyes tightly. She had completely forgotten about Science Club.

"Yeah, sure I'll get right on it." She looked at her watch, wanting to leave the room already. "Anything else?" She flashed him an apologizing glance at the rude way her words sounded.

"If you can't handle the stress that comes from being President this year that is completely understandable-" He told her carefully, he didn't want her overstressed; he was cut off by her outbrust.

"NO!" she took a deep breath. "I mean, no I can do this. I have wanted to be President since freshman year, I can do this." She couldn't lose her spot as President. Science club was her life, she loved it and she had worked so hard to win Presidency. She was the first junior to be President since the club started and she couldn't deny she was damn proud over the fact.

The elder man nodded once more, motioning to her that she was free to go. With one last smile she made her way out of the classroom, smiling when she saw Ronnie leaning against the blue lockers on the opposite side of hallway. She walked over to her, shifting the heavy text books to her other arm.

"Ready?" she asked and the brunette nodded at her, her green eyes searching her best friend's trying to find the cause of her pained tone.

She knew, however, it was a worthless effort on her part; Haydee would never tell her what had been bugging her lately until she was ready. She was, after all, stubborn as mule. She knew the shorter girl would never tell her about the scars that she saw on her wrists, or the bruises that she would see when they changed for gym.

She followed her as she began to lead them to her locker, sighing because she felt like she didn't even know her best friend anymore. Recently she had begun to change and she wasn't the same girl she had known since the first grade.

Ronnie watched as she got the things she would need for after school, once again leaning against the lockers.


Haydee paused briefly to glance at her, humming against the folder between her lips, her consent for her to continue.

"You want to stay over tonight? My parents are out to some fancy dinner for my Dad's hospital or something like that and Michael has a gig at Mist Rumors so the house will be empty. You up for a girl's night?" She asked excitingly. Ever since school had started for the two junior girls they had been so busy, that spending any quality time together seemed impossible.

Haydee froze for a second, unsure if it would be a good idea to go over her house. What would her dad say? She couldn't deny that she wanted to escape her house for a night, the stress of living there was becoming too much for her.

"Sure Ron, I'll call my father and let him know…"

It didn't escape Ronnie's attention that Haydee had stopped calling her father, "dad" or "daddy" as she had previously called him, a while ago. She couldn't help but wonder what exactly was happening to her best friend.

Hello everybody! So this is my first ever original fiction and I feel the same way I did when i posted my first Fan-fiction.

As of now the fiction will be rated as M just be on the safe side because of some of its content.

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