Author's note

I've been working on this story on and off for a very long time. This is like the bazilionth draft. Please review, subscribe, and most importantly, enjoy. Oh, and, updating will be very irregular, because I'm working on two fanfictions, along with this story.

A loud buzzing filled Austin's ears. He looked around to see where it was coming from. Austin saw a small red light on the control table and took his legs, which had been resting there, off of it. He gasped and grabbed the emergency telephone that rested on it's cradle. "Code Orange! I repeat, Code Orange," he yelled into it. Austin snatched some papers from his printer and dashed out of the Alien Operations Room.

Ever since the first Alien Message in 2040, NASA had added the Alien Operations Room, or AOR to keep track of the messages sent by other planets. After the Disasters, they had also moved the NASA headquarters to Washington D.C.

Austin scurried down the hall, whose carpet was bare and in need of a wash, as fast as his plump legs could carry him. He passed many doors as he ran. Each one had a number engraved in a brass plate, carelessly glued to the metal doors. 204, 205, 206, Austin swiveled his head, looking at the numbers on each door, searching for his boss's office number. He wasn't familiar with this hall; he had never needed to go down it before. When he finally reached the door marked 214, he pushed the metal door open.

Mr. Elijah Smith sat at his desk, organizing it for the fourth time that hour. He couldn't stand it if one small thing was out of place, and it bothered him so when he couldn't find the right papers. He was a thin man; he had always been, with a curly head full of flaming red hair. He looked like a toy next to his enormous desk. His fair skin always had a pinkish tinge to it, from yelling at colleagues. He was only kind when it suited him, and it almost never did.

Mr. Smith had always envied Austin Harvey's job, and never thought how boring it must be. All Austin had to do was sit around eating cookies all day, enjoying his private office, with no visitors. So, Mr. Smith was utterly surprised when Austin burst into his office. Austin was out of breath and his usually pink face was shiny and panting. His dirty-blond hair was sticking to his forehead with sweat. "My lord, man, what happened to you? By the look on your face I would guess you just saw a ghost!" Mr. Smith suppressed a smile, but it was true. Austin Harvey looked as if he had just seen a ghost. His face had a funny combination of horror and shock on it, and Mr. Smith just couldn't take him seriously. Austin tried to respond, but was to out of breath to even nod his head.

Austin shouldn't have been so shocked. The last Alien Message had been received only twenty years ago, but the man who had worked in the AOR at the time had been just as surprised as he. That message had been a hard to understand jumble of characters, not resembling any of the ones used on Earth. The message Austin had in his outstretched hand was simple and easy to understand. It read:


Dear Earth,

Your planet will be destroyed.

Take care,


Mr. Smith went as pale as Austin Harvey. He now understood why this man was so horrified to receive the message. These Techtonians knew English, and who knew what other languages. They were going to attack and Mr. Smith needed to alert the president immediately. He picked up his telephone and squeak in a worried tone, "I need a messenger right away. This is an Emergency!"

President Tim Canterbury loved to wallow in his success. He had grown up as a scrawny little kid in a poor family in upstate New York. His family barely had enough money for daily meals, let alone the rent. Mr. Canterbury had gotten a scholarship from an academic competition at his public school, and used it to get a good education. He later worked in politics, becoming a huge success, and eventually President. He loved his success, but not his job. It annoyed him that everyone looked to him for advice, and didn't work out their problems alone. He didn't understand what his responsibilities as a role model meant. He didn't understand that it was his job to care for and entire country. He just loved money and fame. President Canterbury was, all in all, a bad president. He had become more of a dictator, and not a good one, at that.

Canterbury was very surprised when a tall man with a shock of white-blond hair burst into his office. He hoped it was extremely important, or the man in front of him would face dire consequences. Most men stood outside President Canterbury's office building the courage to knock on the door. They were afraid that Mr. Canterbury would ruin their lives. President Canterbury was thinking of ways to make the blond haired man suffer, when he slapped a well-worn piece of paper onto his desk. Canterbury picked it up and eyed it carefully. He had read the same message that Austin and Mr. Smith had read. He gave an excited glance over the edge of the paper to the letter bearer and said, "So, these Techtonian aliens want to wage war on us? We'll show them. We'll crush them." He smiled evilly and the tall letter bearer nodded his head and left.

The President didn't want to show it, but as he leaned back into his overstuffed leather chair, he had a growing sense of dread. He didn't want to be known as the president that was in office when the world came to an end. He didn't want to be held responsible for everyone in the world.

In 2022, all world leaders decided to combine all nations of earth in to one mighty nation. This eliminated the fear of war, but one leader had to be chosen. A lot of problems arose about what kind of leader this person was to be. Some countries wanted a Prime Minister, while others wanted presidents. Eventually a decision was reached and it was decided that the ruler of the world would be a president. One was elected and he stayed in office for twenty years. When President Canterbury was elected things changed. He made it hard for the court justice system to do a good job, because he had a lot of friends on the other side of the law. He lied, and murdered the other candidates until he was the last one, and won by default. Canterbury had only one more year in office, and he was dreading the day when he would no longer be ruler of Laurania.

President Canterbury felt sick to his stomach. He had never liked public speaking, despite the fact that he was the president. Underneath his fingers, the long oak table was smooth. Oak was expensive, since the plant was extinct, and the stiff-faced reflections of the men staring at Canterbury worried him. Mr. Canterbury was about to start when a short, thin man, in a green pinstriped suit burst into the stuffy meeting room. He looked in his early thirties, already growing gray hairs. Mr. Canterbury was thinking up a sick way to get rid of this late-comer, when he remembered that this man was the head of the special service organization, and that he was the person to go to when you needed to get rid of someone.

The man scurried to his place at the table, in front of a name plate that said A. Cavaliere. Mr. Canter bury took a deep breath and began, "We are in the middle of a major crisis. A planet, which we have discovered to be in the Small Magellanic Cloud, which by the way is 210,000 light years from our sun, we need to find and destroy."

"But why?" rang out 27 powerful voices. "Because, we have to destroy them before they destroy us," replied Canterbury, as if it were obvious. Grumbling men disagreed.

After the meeting, President Canterbury glided down the maze- like hallways, until he reached the AOR.

Austin Harvey was lounging around, contemplating quitting this boring job, when the door knob turned. Austin pushed his last chip into his mouth and shoved the rest down his shirt, crushing them so they didn't make such a huge lump, under his stained garment. The man who strode into his office was none other then President Tim Canterbury, inquiring about the message received in this very room.

Harvey gulped as the President leaned over his desk and began to speak in a very cruel, intimidating voice. "Harvey, you better tell me the truth right here and now, or you will very surely lose your job, and everything you hold dearly." Austin thought of his wife and children, and how devastated he would be if he lost them.

"Yes, sir," Austin whimpered. The President stood up taller, and began again.

"We, as you surely know, have received a message from the planet Techtonia, in the far Magellanic Cloud. I am accusing you of forgery." Harvey stood up from his chair, and looked the President in straight in the eyes.

"Why the hell would I do that, sir?" He let the last word roll out of his mouth like silk. Before the president had a chance to even spit out another accusation, Austin Harvey drew a gun from his left shirt pocket, and shot Mr. Tim Everett Canterbury in the head, right between the eyes.