Jesse awoke in a dark room. Darker even than the foster home caverns at night. Looking around, he could barely see his brothers next to him. He moaned, causing a bright light to flicker on. Shielding his eyes, he saw the same tall, mysterious man that had knocked him out in the caverns. "What am I doing here?" Jesse yelled, frightened by the two men that had almost magically appeared next to the first.

The men were all identical, except for one small detail. All the man had their heads shaved, but Jesse could just make out the colour of the hair that had been there. One man had red, one blond, and the last black. Jesse was shocked. The men were triplets, like him and his brothers, and the three men had the same difference that Jesse and his brothers had. "You didn't answer my question! Why did you take me and my brothers away from the home? We were perfectly happy there!" he screamed, knowing he was lying.

Jesse, Jake, and Jonah McOvarti were anything but happy at the Home. On Techtonia, people rarely adopted, so the boys had been there for thirteen years. The Woman, who ran the Home, was cruel and unforgiving. When she was in a bad mood, she would torture the children in her care. Jesse would lay awake at night, planning a way to escape, but was discouraged by the screams of the misbehaved children in the lower caves. So Jesse never acted on his impulses to run. Why run when I'm safe here, he though, lying to himself. It did not matter anyway. He and his brothers would get out of the Home in five years, when they turned eighteen.

The men took a few steps closer to the boys. "They're the ones," said the red haired man. "Are you sure Marvolo?" asked the blond one.
"Positive," replied the one Jesse assumed was named Marvolo. Jesse gave up on trying to figure out what was going on. His eyes adjusted to the brightly lit room. Jesse's jaw dropped in utter amazement.

The room he was in was extravagantly furnished. Almost every piece of beautiful furniture was covered in silky red fabric, glimmering when the light hit it. Jesse realized, that he himself was dressed in robes, of the same gorgeous fabric that everything was covered in. The fabric was warm against his skin, a change from the usual aluminum suit.

Jake and Jonah sat on the ground next to him. The carpeting was soft, and Jesse savored every moment that he sat on it. This room was different from the Foster Home in just about every way. This place was a palace compared to the caverns. Jake groggily stood up. "What is this place?" He looked around,, his eyes stopping on the three men. They looked at each other and laughed.

Jesse was fuming. Who were these men and why were they laughing? "Give me one reason why we shouldn't attack you and head for the door," said Jonah, finally speaking up. Jesse and Jake looked to Jonah in surprise. Jonah had always been the quiet one. He had never liked to talk to new kids in the Mountain of Abandonment, and rarely argued with his brothers. Jesse had learned the hard way not to mess with Jonah. He was cunning, and had other ways to get revenge on his brothers than with words. The three men looked at each other again, obviously knowing something the boys didn't. "Where would you go?" asked the black haired man, raising an eyebrow. Jesse opened his mouth, trying to say something, but closing it quickly. The boys didn't know how to respond. The didn't know where they were, let alone where they would go. "We don't want to hurt you. I'm Marvolo, call me Marv. This is Nick," Marv said, pointing to the blond haired man, "And Alec," he continued, pointing to the brown haired man. "We are the order of the chosen."

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