do you really want to hear my words
or is it an obligation?
i'm reaching out to you in times of need
don't make me regret this.

i'm trying to evoke a geniune reaction
i want you to speak with a little passion.
is that too much to ask for?

i'm your object of affection,
but i don't have your attention,
this will just take one second.

...don't you see?
what you've done to me?
i'm losing hope in what my future brings
the birds inside my soul can barely sing

i'm breathing,
but what i expel isn't natural
don't take me in or you'll fail to heal
i'm dying to be what i used to.

so full of life, i was the girl to change everything,
what happened to eternity
i'm dying to be what i used to be.

do you see what you've done to me