Red, Sweet, Juicy, Small. The fruits of heaven. Strawberries. I called them my saviours as a little girl. When the other kids would make fun of me I'd run out into the farm, into the strawberry paddock and eat them. The sweetness distracted me from the bleakness of my own life. At the age of thirteen they became a drug to me. Of course they were much healthier than most drugs but like all drugs addiction was involved. Everyday a punnet sat at the bottom of my bag. I would devour one each time a kick me sign was taped to my back, each time a piece of paper would be aimed at my head and every time I was pushed around the halls like nothing. My parents tried to make it better at first, they told the principal but each time they did I was just beaten up more. I started wearing black clothes and styled and cut my jet black hair to cover most of my face. That's what my life became: Getting to the bottom of the punnet.