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He couldn't have been serious. "Ummmm What?" I asked
He chuckled "Are you doing anything this weekend?"
I just said it "You can't be serious."
"Well if you don't want to hang, that's cool, but I'm not doin anything so…"
"Sure, umm wanna get together on Saturday or Sunday?"
He thought about it "I dunno, what do you reckon?"
"How about you come over to my place on Sunday?"
"Sure," he replied "sounds good, need an escort to homeroom?"
I nodded.

I plonked my stuff down on the seat next to mine, on the bus and sunk down into my chair with a dreamy sigh. He actually wanted to see me, I smiled. A thought came into my head you're acting like all those princesses do in the movies, Ew. I was all of a sudden becoming borderline cliché and I certainly couldn't have that happening. Grabbing my phone out of my bag, I realised I had a message for once, from Dad. Most teenage girls texted their best friends the minute they were on the bus but not me, and why? Because my social-life was non-existent, but that was ok. Dad was making me get off early at the seven eleven and I was pretty sure it wasn't for a Slurpee.

I was correct in my assumption; He actually wanted me to get off there so he could take me down to the garden centre to help him load mulch. Although I did manage to con a Slurpee out of him. He let me drive and we kept the radio tuned to an oldies station like we always did. With A little Help From My Friends came on, "Yes!" I screamed turning the volume dial to the right as far as it could go.

We made it to the garden centre in time for Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones to come on. I contemplated sitting in the car and listening to it but as if reading my mind Dad shook his head and said "Come on Shell, you can put it on when we get home." Sighing, I got out of the car. It took as a good hour to load all the mulch into the back of the Ute and I hoped to God that we weren't laying it on the fields when we got home.

However, It seemed that it wasn't my day and in thirty minutes I found myself throwing mulch around like there was no tomorrow. "You know," I panted to dad "I could report you for child labour."
Dad smirked "You could but, your mother wouldn't let you hunt the dogs by yourself now would she?" Rolling my eyes, I took a big gulp from my water bottle.
"So, any plans for the weekend," he asked, probably expecting a no.
"Well, I was wondering if I could have a friend over on Sunday…"
Dad raised an eyebrow "Sure, sounds good."
Laughing, I said "Am I that unfriendly?"
"No, It's just been a while, that's all."

My hands were calloused and covered in blisters by the end of the day; sarcastically I thanked my father and soaked them in warm water. The girls insisted on making me watch a horror movie with them, not that they really watched the movie more than they hid under their blankets. I laughed when they had to go sleep with Mum and Dad before I went to bed.

I couldn't stop focussing on Sunday, I wanted it to arrive but the more I wanted it, the longer it seemed to take. It came around eventually though and I pulled out my black clothing, make-up and shoes. Not what I would normally wear at home, but somebody from school was coming over, so today was an exception. When ten o'clock rolled around, I went down to the shop, where I saw Danny getting out of his car. Before I had time to freak out Dad whispered in my ear "You didn't specify that this friend of yours was a male."
I laughed "I didn't think it made a difference, remember equal rights dad."
"Oh right, sorry," He faked sincerity.
Supressing the urge to hit him, I went over to greet Danny.

"Hey," he said.
"Hey," I replied looking at the object in his hand "Guitar?"
"Yes, I'm not sure if it was you or not but somebody mentioned to me that they liked music," he replied mockingly.
I laughed "So what do you want to do?"

So we found ourselves out in the paddock eating strawberries, when he decided to pull out his guitar. "I have the perfect song," he announced before producing the first few bars of Strawberry Fields Forever. I laughed "Like I've never heard that one before." He nodded, smirking. A few songs later we moved out into the far back paddock and layed on the grass, contently staring at the clouds.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my wrist, it intensified. Looking down I noticed a wasp perched on my skin. "Shit," I muttered.
"What is it?" Danny asked sitting up.
"Wasp," then I heard the buzzing "And I think there's a nest nearby, so it's probably best to move, quickly."

Running and laughing at the same time was not easy but we managed to escape the wasps. "Shell," Mum called from the back door "Danny's parents are here."
"Oh," Danny said "That went quick, thanks for having me it was loads of fun."
"No Problem," I smiled.
"See you tomorrow," He hesitated "I love you."
What? Quickly, I put on a smile "I love you too." Then he was gone.

I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth, I wasn't sure if I was. I loved my family, I loved strawberries, I loved music and I loved the Beatles, but did I love Danny?

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