Was it too soon to admit that? Was it true? What would happen at school tomorrow? All these questions and more repeated themselves in my mind, as I sought solace in the bliss unconscious state of sleep. My preoccupation, however, would not allow my body to rest and kept me conscious for all hours of the night.

By breakfast I was a wreck but by miracle or by chance, I managed to hide my nervousness from the rest of my family and made it to school without any difficulties. Getting to school, however, was not my problem, avoiding Dan was. Since when is his name Dan and not Danny I thought. I figured if I could avoid him all day, I could avoid asking him the questions that plagued my mind. Thanking the Lord I didn't have Art today, I dismounted the bus.

Most peoples luck would allow them to get inside the school before running into trouble. But luck didn't appear to be a factor in the equation today as the moment I stepped off the bus, he was there. Leaning against the yellow vehicle barely a metre from the entrance was Danny. Only You I thought This could only happen to you. "Hey, can I talk to you?" he asked.
"Sure," my hands trembled and my palms moistened as the word rolled off my tongue. He turned and walked away, obviously presuming I would follow.

Follow I did, he led me to the far end of the car-park. The far end was basically the baron wasteland of our school, nobody wanted to walk that far they were all too lazy. The only people who could be bothered to walk this far were either on drugs or cutting class for some other illicit reason.

He turned to face me and seemed to inhale deeply "Hey, so….yeah I'm really sorry about yesterday."
"I saw you were really uncomfortable when I said….well you know."
I nodded "Yeah, I guess you could say I wasn't expecting it."
"It was a bit soon aye," he said "one of my mates told me to say it, apparently it works on chics."
I laughed "who is this mate of yours?"
Smirking he replied "Don't worry about it but I'll be sure not to take his advice on girls anytime soon." The bell rang and we parted ways.

By lunchtime all the tension had left my body and I was a lot more relaxed. Then someone kicked me, and then someone else and then someone else. I reached my arm around to my back and yanked the sign off; you'd think they'd have gotten some new tricks by that point. The kicking didn't cease, to my dismay, and I was forced to run through the corridor pushing through the people masses as I went. As I turned the corner, he was there; he seemed to be everywhere these days. "Hey," I murmured breathless.
His look was sympathetic; he took hold of my hand "Come with me."

We ate lunch together on the grass and asked about each other. He liked cars, fixing cars more specifically. His prized possession was his pool table and his favourite fruit was strawberries.
"I wish we had art this afternoon," he mused.
"Same here," I sighed "Why do we have it every day except for Monday?"
"I don't know its retarded aye." There was a pause as the bell went and he moved to get up.
"Wait," I grabbed his arm "I just want to ask, where does this leave us?"
"Oh right," he stood "Michelle Ramirez, I would like to officially ask you to be my girlfriend….that is, if you'll have me."
I nodded.

Happiness and Joy couldn't even begin to describe my feelings, it was the first time in years I had actually felt wanted at school. The smile was permanently plastered on my face as I relaxed in my bus seat. Feeling peckish, I leaned forward to take hold of my strawberry punnet, checking to see if there were any left. A realisation hit me when I saw it, I hadn't had any need to eat a single one.