September 2011


When I listen to this song

I wish you were with me

There's so much feeling in this song…

Too much for anyone to feel alone.


I, or rather my mind

My mind and I – I watch the sky

Strokes of rain too far to see

But falling down through wind and trees

Into water at my feet

Oh, how you love to fall.

And you, or rather your eyes

Your eyes and you – you see it, too

Fire on the altar burns

As lady steps and dark eyes yearn

Our hearts as searchlights see and turn

Oh, how I want it all.


But I don't think they mix – no

Beautiful words and insanity

So I suppose that under those

Beautiful words, something else breaks through…

Words of something that cuts inside

Speaking to the raindrops, you…

You little crystal of water

You fall and spin, you drift and shatter

You dance as if you think it matters

I am stone, but every now and then I think so, too…

Hush now, little ocean-drop

Something else is breaking through

I watch it as it pours and fills

Beauty-tainted poison…

Death's elixir into you.


But oh, when I listen to this song

I feel so, so alone…

And I wish you were still here. To listen to this song with me…

This song has so much feeling, it's too much…

Too much for anyone to feel alone.