How did you know
I wasn't good enough
even before I first breathed?
What made you want
a different life
that did not include me?

Why did you run
when you heard I was near?
How could you wish to be
anywhere else but here?

I was born
living my first days
Discovering the world
being amazed

But then suddenly
All your things left the house
You wanted to be with someone else
Mom also wasn't good enough

You left her and me
My sister, too
I was confused
wondering what I had done
So I came up with reasons
one by one

Years passed
You found a new wife
new home, new kids
I pray you have a good life

Others are angry
but I forgive you
and I'll never leave your side
I just wish we had more time

Things are better now
I am mostly okay
except when I look back
and count all the lost days

And I still have you to thank
For being afraid to trust a guy
Always waiting for the day
He will finally say goodbye

I will have to ask him
the question I now fear:
How could you wish to be
anywhere else but here?