You're supposed to stop it

And you know that too

Now I'm fighting for you to drop it

Like you'll ever do!

You know what's ironic,

Just so barbaric?

How you open the door

Just so you can close it again

How you restart my heart

Just so you can finish me off

Where you want me to go, I go

What you want me to see, I see

What you want me to do, I know

However, I can see

It may seem crucial

But it'll only add to my misery

I've always wanted to fight back

But this is not the same

It'll only be to your amusement

That I'm playing this sick game

You will call me paranoid; crazy

But on that very day

I'll say something to you

And this is what I'll say:

I hate my life

And yet I fight for it

I hate the pit

Yet I keep digging it

Wish I didn't have to say it,

But I'm just as pathetic

As you, but now I'm sick of it