The tiny creature, whose eyes had recently opened to the world, chewed hungrily on my new school shoes. Whose great idea was it to buy me a pet as an upcoming-senior present? Me, of all people. The person who has forgotten to feed every single goldfish she has ever owned.

Although I was fully aware of the destruction of my shoes that was taking place, I remained in my bed, or what was left of it, at least. That beast had already eaten chunks from the mattress and when it wasn't devouring my comfortable heaven, it was keeping me busy with washing the yellow-stained sheets that I know would never return to the white color they once were.

Finally, the loud, yet oddly playful growling quieted. Maybe sleep would embrace me now, now that there was nothing scaring it away. As I closed my eyes, I made note of the dreaded sunrise peeking up from my window.

A solid object nuzzled against my stomach, separated only by the blanket between us. When the soft whimpers sounded, I poked my head out to stare at the twitching ball of black fluff that had finally decided to show any sort of affection toward me.

Sighing in defeat, I ran my fingers through it's silky fur, shutting off my alarm clock with my free hand. Maybe, just maybe, this baby creature wasn't as bad as it made itself out to be.

After all, to make a friend, you have to get to know them.